Violin spider what to do for pest control

If you are afraid of spiders, the sight alone can cause you a panic attack but the best way to deal with them is to get to know them, not closely of course! Today we will talk to you about one type in particular: the violin spider what to do for pest control. Ready to find out more?

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When you think about the spiders they are mistakenly associated with insects. In reality they have a category of their own: they are arachnids category to which also ticks and scorpions belong. The difference with insects? It’s all in:

  • body shape (one with the head)
  • legs which are 8 instead of 6
  • absence of antennas
  • presence of small eyes.

Today, but not we want to talk to you of spiders in general but of one species in particular: the violin spider, one of the most dangerous in Italy. How to recognize it? Where does it nest more easily and above all how to get rid of it once we have found its presence in the house?

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Continue reading, effective and interesting solutions await you but first we learn to recognize it: what are its peculiar characteristics? Here we go.


Characteristics of the violin spider

The violin spider is a small arachnid (between 7 and 10 mm maximum) plus it is easily recognizable by three characteristics:

  1. the brownish-yellow color
  2. a light fluff that covers the body
  3. a stain on the back which looks like a violin from which it takes its name.

Eight long legs and small eyes complete the description but it has an additional feature, let’s say hidden, which is linked to its bite. Let’s analyze the risks.

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The bite of the violin spider

If we ever come across the presence of a violin spider in the house or in the garden we must remember that in itself it is not aggressive, therefore, let’s keep calm.

If you feel threatened or is he scared of our presence, though, it can defend itself with its bite. What are the major risks? Four levels of severity which have been identified and who are related to symptoms. We find, in fact, a shape:

  1. mild: if the symptoms concern the bite area and nothing more
  2. moderate: characterized by itch, erythema and sometimes a small lesion on the bite area
  3. escarotic: lesions that turn into ulcers and which require prompt intervention
  4. viscero-cutaneous: these are more rare symptoms that involve widespread malaise, joint pain and fever. In particular subjects it could lead to death.

This makes us understand how important it is to intervene immediately when we find their presence in the house: where do they prefer to stay? We suggest immediately where to look.

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Where the violin spider lurks

First of all violin spiders prefer warm areas therefore in Italy they are mainly found in the plains, on the islands and along the coasts. His favorite season, needless to underline it, is summer (preferably hot and muggy), a period during which we can also find them outdoors, in the garden, but in winter they move in search of the warmth of your home.

Dark corners, behind the skirting board, under the furniture but also between clothing and under the covers, his favorite places. Possibly near a window where you can weave the web and catch small insects: be careful to flush it out in time!


How to do the disinfestation: the most effective weapons

The first weapon to combat the presence of violin spiders in the house it is prevention: seals every possible crack that can act as a gateway for the spider in question. It is a good idea to check doors, windows and any cracks in the walls by sealing them properly with a quality silicone.

To prevent any related damage then at its bite, remember to always wear gods protective gloves and be careful when you move cobwebs around the house or go to the attic to look for something in your old boxes. We now come to the most effective actions to take to get rid of it.

One broom and one scoop, or even better the vacuum cleaner, they are the ideal tools for cleaning every corner, once a careful and thorough cleaning has been carried out proceed by spraying an insecticide. Usually we use the pyrethroids that I am the most valid ones to spray in hidden corners, in any crevices or directly on the spider if you come across it.

Well repeat the operation or, if the problem is not solved, contact a company specialized in pest control to eradicate it once and for all.


Violin spider what to do for pest control: photos and images

After reading our article we are sure that you will have learned to recognize the violin spider and to avoid its presence in the house. Take a final look at the gallery of images below to remember exactly how it is made and what the risks its bite entails. Good vision.


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