Halogen oven for quick and healthy cooking

For those who love cooking in the oven, but want to prepare tasty, healthy dishes in a short time, the halogen oven is the best choice. It is an appliance of limited size and consumption, but which allows you to cook quick and tasty recipes, with little fat and condiments. The price? Quite affordable too. Find out everything there is to know about the halogen oven.

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Its shape is more similar to the one of a pot than to that of an oven. We are talking about the halogen oven, a practical household appliance, easy to use and versatile. Indicated for the preparation of many recipes, the halogen oven has cooking times more short compared to a traditional electric oven.

In addition, this oven of size more contained compared to traditional ovens it also has lower consumption. But if you are curious to know all the advantages of this appliance, do not miss this article.

How a halogen oven works? What foods can be prepared? What is the cost of a halogen oven? We will answer these and other questions in the following article.

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How a halogen oven is made and how it works

A halogen oven consists of three main components.

  • The heat-resistant glass pot. Made of borosilicate glass, also known as pyrex, the pot is able to withstand high temperatures and its transparency allows you to control easily the products in oven in cooking phase. The size of this pot may vary, but in principle they are quite contained. For example, you can hardly use the dishes suitable for a traditional oven, but it will be necessary to purchase specific oven dishes or trays, small in size.
  • The lid with halogen lamp. This is where the components that allow food to cook are found. In fact the halogen lamp that produces heat is the fan that distributes it evenly are located right in the lid. Operation is operated by two knobs. One allows you to turn on the halogen oven and set the cooking temperature, the other allows you to choose i cooking times desired. In addition, there is also one warning light which indicates when the oven is on.
  • There support base houses the pyrex pot. On the basis they are also present handles that allow you to move the oven from one side to the other.

To complete the structure of the halogen oven there are also some grids that can be inserted inside the pot and allow you to space out foods. Depending on the model there may also be a steel rise that allows you to space the pot from the lid, for more delicate cooking.


Advantages of a halogen oven

If you are wondering why to buy a halogen oven we list a few advantages that a halogen oven offers.

  • Healthier cooking. A halogen oven, in fact, allows you to cook any food without the need to use condiments. The result is a more dietary, fat-free cuisine.
  • Reduction of cooking times. There cooking food in a halogen oven that’s a lot faster than to cooking in a traditional oven. However, it takes longer than cooking in the microwave.
  • Reduced consumption. Another aspect that is not secondary at all is the reduction of electricity consumption. An advantage that you cannot help but notice when you receive your electricity bill.
  • Versatility. A halogen oven will allow you to cooking any type of food. From bread to pizza, from chicken to meat, but also biscuits and everything your creativity suggests. The only attention required will be the modification of your recipes based on cooking times of the halogen oven. In general, specific recipes suitable for this type of cooking are also supplied with the oven.
  • Uniform cooking. The fan in the lid allows the heat to be distributed evenly. In this way yours foods will be golden brown and cooked evenly.
  • Ease of cooking control. If you need to check the cooking of food, you can do it easily, because the transparent pan allows you to easily see how your recipe is cooking.
  • The price. A halogen oven has rather low costs, although obviously the price depends on the model, brand and accessories supplied.


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While it is true that a halogen oven has many advantages, on the other hand, the only negative I’m the rather small size. If you are planning a dinner or a lunch for many people, it will probably be more appropriate to use a traditional oven.

Indeed, a halogen oven is perfect for the preparation of small quantities. In addition, you will most likely have to purchase specific pans or oven dishes that fit the smaller size of the halogen oven.


How to clean a halogen oven

Also there cleaning a halogen oven it is not a secondary aspect to take into consideration when you want to buy this appliance. Most models, indeed, they are equipped with a self-cleaning function. At the end of this operation, simply rinse the Pyrex pot and your oven will be clean.

Alternatively, the pot and the grids can also be inserted directly in the dishwasher. What do you think is a nice advantage?


Price of a halogen oven

How much does a halogen oven cost? In general this appliance has a low cost. Some variables affect the cost of a halogen oven: size, accessories, brand, power. The starting price is around i 50 euros, but it can also reach 300-400 euros. The best choice depends on your specific needs.halogen-oven-1

Halogen oven: photos and images

If you want fast and healthy cooking, then the right choice is a halogen oven. Browse the gallery and find the most suitable model for you.


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