Furnishing bedroom 2×4: surprising solutions

Are you looking for ideas to furnish a 2 × 4 bedroom? All you need is a good design with clever division of spaces and small tricks that will allow you to fit everything you need into this room. Are you ready to find out more? Read on as well.

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The right look to give to your bedroom starts, as we have anticipated, with a good design: start looking at your room with new eyes and do not dwell only on what cannot be there, like an elegant sofa at the foot of the bed or a gigantic walk-in closet but rather on what, on the contrary, enhances it.

Start with the right style, given the size, better if modern or minimalist and conclude with some details that embellish the environment giving it that extra something on which the success of your furniture will depend.

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Continue by drawing on the right palette: colors with which to give an airy and bright look to the room. Finally, a piece of advice that we at Casa e Giardino would like to give you is to carefully study the arrangement of your furnishings: a correct subdivision of the space will help you to give the room a warm look, welcoming and functional.

Now we can start inserting the furniture, the necessary ones, one after the other and your bedroom will take shape. Let’s start with the bed.

furnish-bedroom-2 & # 215; 4-5

Choosing the right bed to furnish a 2 × 4 bedroom

The measures immediately give us the idea of ​​a narrow and long environment: how to best manage it? With the right furnishings starting from the undisputed protagonist of this room: the bed.

Usually large, with important measures to take center stage in the room, in this case the model double bed measuring 180 × 200 cm gives way to a smaller and slimmer bed.

A French bed is preferable (140 × 200 cm) that does not give up on elegance and comfort but it allows extra space around itself with ideal measures for this room. Having chosen the bed, let’s move on to the wardrobe but in such a context where is it better to put it? Find out now.

furnish-bedroom-2 × 4-2

Wardrobe under the bed

Forget the classic wardrobe with several doors that occupies an entire wall thus reducing our two meters available and thinks of an alternative. A small hanger at the entrance where keeping everything close at hand is a good starting idea but the most interesting is another: a wardrobe under the bed.

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Take advantage of this usually unused space to make your own closet even with the art of DIY if you like. Practical containers for shoes and clothes, or small lockers to store all the hanging are what you have really need to furnish bedroom 2 × 4. And the head of the bed?

furnish-bedroom-2 × 4

Headboard: practical and functional

In a small bedroom of 8 square meters, it is better to optimize every space and do not give up even a useful centimeter. How about thinking of an alternative headboard and thus recovering additional space on the wall?

A practical container will be able to effectively replace the classic headboard, ready to store books, perfumes, underwear and much more inside.


Pair of alternative bedside tables

Next to the bed to have enough space for the passage you will not be able to dedicate centimeters to bedside tables: banished the classic ones with more drawers you will have to settle for a slim and minimalist version.

A shelf on which to rest the bare minimum is enough or, alternatively, a small table to furnish your corner with refinement. Let’s move on to the right lighting design.



If modernity with its small spaces has accustomed us to finding alternatives to classic furnishings with projects and solutions tailor-made by architects and interior designers, at the same time it has taught us to do not neglect any element because they all contribute to the final result.

Among them the light that helps us to design the environment: we no longer need imposing chandeliers in the center of the room that furnishes yes with elegance and romanticism but leaves the most remote corners in the dark, in this case, we need a ad hoc design. In a long, narrow room, like our 2 × 4 bedroom, we need to more light points that flood the room not only vertically e to be directed if necessary.

Some practical examples? Led and pair of wall lights right next to the bed I’m there ideal solution: beautiful, modern and functional.

furnish-bedroom-2 × 4-light-1


The mirrorsfinally they help us especially in small environments where if positioned perfectly they will help us to amplify the light and double the space. In this case place them on the shorter wall and it will give us a whole new perspective.

What else is missing? The latest details.

furnish-bedroom-2 × 4-mirrors

Furnishing bedroom 2 × 4: final details

In your bedroom do not give up on anything. If you are thinking of banning curtains, rugs and other decorations don’t! Even the details have an indispensable value.

A picture on the wall maybe on the bed, a few scented candles to flood the environment with the right fragrance and a green touch they will furnish with character and personality.

furnish-bedroom-2 × 4-details

Furnishing bedroom 2 × 4: photos and images

Did you find reading our article interesting? Furnishing small spaces is always proposed as an interesting and stimulating challenge.

Look in the gallery for other photos and images that can inspire you in the design of your 2 × 4 bedroom. Many ideas to copy are waiting for you.


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