Mistakes not to make when shopping at the supermarket

What to remember when shopping at the supermarket. What solutions to adopt in order not to forget anything. How to do an eco-sustainable shopping.


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When we do the shopping, we are driven by haste, to go home quickly and start cooking. But this attitude, which can lead us to make multiple mistakes, it will waste us more time when we get home and money when we have to pay.

For this reason, you have to go to the supermarket calmly, planning the shopping with a little advance. This way we will avoid buying the wrong things or spending an exorbitant amount. But let’s see what are the most common mistakes we can make.


1. Don’t make a list

Since it is necessary to have very clear ideas about what we want to buy, we have to make a shopping list before leaving home. Then, let’s check the fridge, the food storage, but also the bathroom e the closet. There may be some indispensable things that are about to end and in this way we will play in advance.

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To make it easier for you, you can download comfortable applications on your phone that allow you to make a shopping list dividing the things to buy among the various target environments: things for the kitchen, for the bathroom or those to put in the freezer.

Then, if you prefer, you can compose the list even before going out to shop: as things go, fruit, vegetables, pasta, etc, write them down on your phone, so you will have the list ready.


2. Don’t bring shopping bags

Among the things to do before leaving the house, there is also remember to take the envelopes to go shopping. Otherwise, if we don’t, we will have to buy them at the supermarket. Moreover, if we bring our personal envelope, we will not pollute the environment, as we can reuse it several times.

On the market There are more variations of the reusable bags. We can buy a shopper in fabric, with drawings or plain colors. Or, exist reusable and washable mesh bags. In other words: we are spoiled for choice for an eco-sustainable shopping!


3. Shopping at the wrong time

If we are hungry, it is not recommended to go to the supermarket. When we are hungry, our body is led to choose foods and dishes that can satiate it immediately and, inevitably, we will end up buying junk food or junk food of various kinds.

A second not suitable time to go shopping it’s rush hour, for example little before lunch or in the late afternoon. In fact, there will be many more people and this will not help you make a rational decision. To check the turnout at the supermarket, we can use Google Maps: it will show us the hours when our warehouse is most crowded, so we can avoid them.

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Therefore, let’s plan very carefully when to go shopping: we will avoid buying things we don’t really want and we won’t meet too many people who can distract us.


4. Don’t check the price per kilo

Often, the supermarket price list of some products can be tempting, especially if we see super offers and bargain prices. But before we pounce on them, it’s useful ascertain the price per kilo or per liter. This will be the best way to evaluate if it is worth buying actually or not a product.

In particular, remember to do this especially for packaged products, if you can’t help but buy them, such as fruits and vegetables.


5. Buying products with too much plastic

There are some products already prepackaged, cut and packed that can catch our attention. In fact, they can be very comfortable when we’re in a hurry. But let’s not be influenced!

There Excess plastic can pollute the surrounding environment or the product itself, altering its taste and its conservation. We try to always prefer over-the-counter products.


6. Don’t check the deadline

Sure, this may seem like a rookie mistake, but it is very common. When we buy products we always have to look at the expiration date. On the one hand, in fact, we can change our mind if it expires within a short time and not buy the product anymore; on the other hand, there are some foods that can be consumed even after the expiration date.

Then, there may be lot of products on offer just why will expire in a few days: you could take advantage of it!


7. Buy only the big brands

Sometimes, we buy products solely on the basis of their brand or advertising we have seen on television. But letting yourself be guided by these two factors alone is not always synonymous with quality spending.

We can buy supermarket branded products, obviously after reading the ingredients and their origin very carefully. They could, in fact, be resold by supermarkets but produced by companies of excellence. Therefore, let’s not throw ourselves on the big brands right away, but we also evaluate the idea of ​​buying of the sub-brands. They will allow us to save on the final cost of shopping, without sacrificing quality.


8. Do not check the handwheel

THE supermarket flyers they are great allies when shopping. For example, we may notice a product on offer that we need, or we will stock up on long-life foods that we use at home frequently. On the sheets, in fact, there will be a lot of great deals. In other words, they must always be in your purse or pocket, so you can have it at your fingertips and browse it while shopping.


9. Not putting groceries on the belt well

Know position correctly there expense on the roller that carries it to the cashier is important for several reasons. In the first place, we will avoid of break some objects, such as bottles of wine, beer or fruit juices. In particular, these must be placed horizontally.

Or again, jars yoghurt, ready-made sauces and other sauces, they must be positioned straight, so from do not spill the content when we open them. Secondly, it will serve to enable them put more easily in the bags. Thus, we will not waste space and the bags will not break.


10. Throw away the receipt immediately

As soon as we leave the supermarket, we have a tendency to throw away immediately the receipt. But it always is better to keep it! There will serve, in fact, not only to check that you have taken everything what we needed, but also to make an assessment of the budget we spent.

For example, there may be expenses with previous expenses or we may find that we have bought too many quantities of something compared to the times before.


Mistakes not to make when shopping at the supermarket: pictures and photos

Have you got it all? Or do you still have some doubts? Then browse the image gallery: it will help you shop effectively and efficiently.


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