How to choose the electric broom

House cleaning is a busy time that requires a lot of attention, especially if children live in the house. For this reason, having an electric broom available allows you to speed up household chores and clean thoroughly. But which one to choose? A corded or cordless electric broom? Let’s find out the models and advantages together.

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There electric broom is an appliance very useful for domestic cleaning. There are many models on the market, produced by different companies. So how to choose the best electric broom? The wireless model is better and rechargeable batteries or the one with wire?

As for the choice of all the products we use every day both as furniture and accessories, there is no better electric broom ever. The choice of this appliance is linked to specific needs of who has to use it. Eg, if you have a very large house, also arranged on several levels will be more appropriate to choose a corded electric broom and high performance. For a small house and for quick and easy cleaning, better to choose a wireless model.

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Let’s find out the features of each model and the advantages in the following article.

Cordless electric broom: features, advantages and disadvantages

There cordless electric broom it’s a vacuum cleaner real, but without the bulk of the wire which connects it to electricity. Operation is guaranteed by a rechargeable battery. Choosing among the many models of cordless electric broom is not a simple operation. What are the aspects to be evaluated before buying a cordless vacuum cleaner?

  • Charging autonomy. There are many models on the market, but an important element to consider before buying your favorite model is to evaluate the battery life. In the more expensive models, the charging autonomy arrives up to 90 minutes, but if you don’t want to choose a higher cost model, it’s worth it do not go below 35 minutes. Less expensive models start at 20 minutes of charging time. In fact, this is a very short time to concentrate cleaning. THE charging timesinstead vary from 2 to 20 hours.
  • Suction power. Generally a cordless vacuum cleaner has a suction power lower than one with threads, for this it is appropriate do not choose a model with a power of less than 1300 watts. The risk could be that you will not be able to vacuum the dirt properly during its use.
  • Price. The cost of the cordless vacuum cleaner is also an important variable to consider when choosing the model that best suits our needs. A cordless vacuum cleaner is more expensive than a corded model.

If you are wondering what they are the advantages of a cordless vacuum cleaner, there is definitely: easy to use, practicality, easy handling is easy to carry.


Electric broom with wire

The corded electric broom is perfect for those who have to clean very large roomsFor example, if your home is located on several levels, you will need a high-performance electric broom, able to ensure perfect cleaning of your rooms, with no time limits of use.

The downside of a model with wire is that you will be bound to the presence of a power outlet to connect your appliance during house cleaning. Furthermore, a corded electric broom is heavier and bulkier than a cordless model.

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In terms of benefits, however, a corded model guarantees you higher performance and lower costs at the time of purchase.



An important aspect to consider before buying an electric broom with or without wires, and the supplied with accessories. Many models, especially corded electric brooms are equipped with accessories such as brushes for cleaning sofas or carpets, or of telescopic or flexible tubes, perfect for cleaning in the tightest spaces.

Also, they are available different models of the 2-in-1 type. In practice, they turn from a broom into a handheld vacuum cleaner. A great solution for cleaning more effective than domestic environments.


Bag or tank

An important aspect concerning both the corded electric broom and the cordless model is the presence of the dirt collection tank o of the bag. The functioning is the same, but it implies a different cost and a different functionality.

The bag model assumes a greater capacity compared to the one with tank, but there it forces a further economic outlay for the purchase of bags which must be replaced periodically.

There electric broom with tank, on the other hand, despite being less capacious, it simply empties from the dirt collected and reassembled. In this way, not only will we not have additional costs, but it will also allow us to have a lower environmental impact. Indeed, we will not have bags to dispose of. However, the electric broom with tank is more expensive than the model with bag.



As we have already said, the price of an electric broom is one of the variables to consider when buying the most suitable appliance for our needs. In general an electric broom cordless is more expensive than a corded model.

Among the aspects that influence the price, there is also there energy class of belonging. A class A appliance will have lower consumption than a class G appliance.

The cost of one wireless electric broom varies from 100 EUR to 300-400 euros. the electric broom with wire instead he leaves from 60 euros to 700-800 euros for more performing models.


Corded or cordless electric broom. Photos and images

The electric broom is a very useful appliance for house cleaning, but how to choose the most suitable one? Is the cordless model better than the corded one? Browse the gallery and get inspired.


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