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How to choose the electric rotisserie? What features need to be taken into consideration? Which typology to prefer? Helpful tips and tricks in this buying guide.


The beautiful spring days are the perfect setting for organizing lunches and dinners in the backyard. If you love the smell of barbecue, if you love to cook roast for your guests and if you really can’t help but eat good meat in the company of your relatives, you might think about buying of an good rotisserie electric which guarantees perfect cooking of the meat, juicy and fragrant.

Although many domestic ovens have functions such as to make the cooking of the various types of meat similar to those made by a rotisserie, all the poetry of slow and gradual cooking is missing. There are several models on the market classic rotisserie to be placed next to the embers, or a barbecue, but today we want to focus on the electric rotisserie namely that model equipped with electrical resistance and that allows perfect cooking of the meat.

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Again, models abound and if you intend to buy one but you don’t know how to make a conscious choice, we recommend to peek this buying guide where is it You could find advice and tips about the features from to consider before to buy an electric rotisserie.


Electric rotisserie: types

Before buying an electric rotisserie it is good to know how many types there are on the market. Mainly I’m three the models that you will find in stores: horizontal, vertical is oven with rotisserie. Let’s review the peculiarities of each model.

Horizontal rotisserie

The horizontal rotisserie it is the most popular model absolutely and it is possible to find it in different sizes, shapes and prices. The peculiarity of the horizontal versions lies in the fact that not only they roast the meat to perfection but they are able to retain the juices, making it soft and tasty. A small disadvantage it’s about the placement of the meat: in fact, if it is not willing in perfect balance on the spit, the rotation of the gear could not to be 100% efficient so the cooking could be affected in some way.


Vertical rotisserie

This is there vertical version of the first model: the rotation and the direction I’m facing up. As is clear, therefore, the spit is also vertical. Of course, one of the advantages of a vertical rotisserie is about its own the balance of position of the meat – which we defined a disadvantage in the previous model – precisely by virtue of its being. Furthermore, this typology is recommended if you have less space available, as it will occupy the space in height instead of width.

Small disadvantage of this model: it tends to release the juices of the meat that descend to the bottom. For some this it’s a optimal plus as at the end of cooking the fats will be less, so the roast will be “healthier”, but on the other hand I’m own the juices derived from fat to give flavor to the meat. A matter of personal taste, of course.

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Small oven with rotisserie

Finally, i ovens with rotisserie. These are none other than small ovens which due to their shape are very reminiscent of microwave ovens but inside which it is possible to place a spit to, in fact, cook a roast by overheating an electric resistance.

The peculiarity of these models, unlike the others, is there possibility of being able to use them also to cook many other foods such as desserts, pizzas or bread performing a simple cooking function as if they were ordinary electric ovens. A versatility that, however, not everyone is looking for when it comes to buying a rotisserie also because, let’s face it, the final result is not quite up to the previous ones.

Obviously, if you plan to use the rotisserie electric frequently opts for other models, but if you’re only going to use it on special occasions you might as well prefer the latter model using the oven more assiduously.


Electric rotisserie: characteristics

Once you have identified the model that best suits your needs, focus on features. What will you need to consider before buying an electric rotisserie? Temperature, number of skewers, size, ease of use, quality, design. Here they are in detail.


As for the temperature, you may find yourself in front of two roads: preset temperature and temperature to be set. In first case, you have it all there comfort of the case and you won’t have to worry anymore due in understanding which is the right temperature to set; on the other hand, in the second case, you will have greater precision in cooking. It all depends a little on your preferences.


Number of skewers

When purchasing an electric rotisserie, it is important to evaluate the number of skewers – one, two or even more. And this it depends a lot on usage what you decide to do: obviously more skewers allow you to cook a lot more meat together shortening the preparation time.



The size they matter always. It is important in choosing a good electric rotisserie take into account the space available. A compact model will be able to cook small pieces of meat, a larger model will be designed for large grills. Consider – in addition to space inside the rotisserieeven what it will occupy in the place where you decide to place it.


Ease of use

Especially if you are a beginner, this feature is essential. Most models of electric rotisserie it is easy to use however, this may not always be the case. Anyhow, a good electric rotisserie must have controls simple, intuitive that help simplify cooking processes; it must be easily removable is washable (even better if in the dishwasher); if you are not an expert, opt for vertical models (you will not have the catch of necessarily having to position the spit perfectly).



It comes by itself: entrusted to producer brands that they have a good reputation. The electric rotisserie is one of those purchases that, if done right, do it once in a lifetime. Look for companies that guarantee a minimum of two years of insurance with careful and precise customer care and you will see that your rotisserie will be forever.


Even if it’s not one of the most fundamental features, too the eye wants its part, no? On the market exist different versions, some are so beautiful they are left natural in steel stainless steel, or colored black, but they are also available various colors, that you can choose if you want to perfectly match your electric rotisserie to the color of the kitchen.

Electric rotisserie: types, characteristics, advice for purchases

Tips for buying an electric rotisserie: pictures

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