Colors curtains trends of 2021: some proposals to amaze

If you want to give your interior a new look without upsetting the furnishings, a textile change is all you need. From the carpet to the curtains, what matters is to draw on the right palette. In the course of this article you will discover with us the trend colors of 2021: let yourself be amazed.


When decorating your home, you must pay attention to a series of elements and details, above all, that will make the difference in dressing up your environment and making it feel truly yours. Curtains are one of those accessories that help emphasize your style and enrich the environment with a truly precious extra touch.

Following the trends of the moment and always being updated on news will help you in your choice and never be banal. What do the trends hold for this 2021? Natural fabrics, seductive transparencies and a lot more color to invade spaces with healthy optimism.

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Monochromes and few decorations – floral or geometric – are the watchwords of this year. Let’s start with a very light and natural palette, let’s start with neutral colors.


Neutral colors

If you love an intimate and welcoming atmosphere, interior designers suggest using neutral colors. An ideal palette for structuring environments with a minimal and modern flavor accompanied by straight and not very voluminous lines. Largo al White, to the cream, to the beige, to the dove gray, to the pink or all those colors that can recall furnishing elements on which you want to emphasize.

And if you are a type who likes to change often (or gets tired immediately) think of a nuance suitable for every season and neutral colors represent an excellent solution in this. Let yourself be enveloped by a delicate atmosphere, dreamy and romantic while emphasizing your consistent style in every change.


Curtains colors trends of 2021: gray

A color that has always been synonymous with elegance that promises to remain a trend to love – and not just for 2021 – is gray. A trend that has always been winning and not at all fleeting, intermediate gradation between the whiteness of white and the shadowiness of black looks like neutral color, sober and above all versatile. Let’s start with this last feature and let us guide us in the choice of our tents in this 2021.

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From the lightest tone to the deepest and darkest one, gray lends itself to numerous and all interesting combinations. If you’re wondering if a gray curtain would look good in your home, remember it is suitable for many environments and styles, from classic to contemporary. Use it wisely and sparingly in rather small or dimly lit environments – the effect could turn out to be a disaster.

What are the most intriguing combinations? Pale pink to yellow: plays with color contrasts depending on the environment in which you are going to place them. Let’s move on to the next trend.


Blue: deep and noble color

Pantone 2021 the blue one is confirmed also for this year trend to marry to recreate a welcoming context in some rooms of the house mostly relaxing. Perfect nuance in a classic context accompanied by long and voluminous curtains or ideal, with package or roller solutions, in a minimal and ultra modern context. Also try them in the office where the color favors adequate concentration.

A few more notes of color to light up the room and that’s it. From one pantone to another: this year’s novelties concern yellow. Light, energy and vitality everywhere. Let’s go deeper together in the next paragraph.


Yellow: bright and energetic pantone

A little sun on the curtains to flood the room with light is all you need to decorate your home this year. The warm color par excellence, yellow, represents a challenge for many interior enthusiasts and not only on curtains. A few hints of color to make your nest unique and welcoming or bold monochrome?

Study the perfect combination according to your needs, to the room in question and to the chosen style that is consistent in every environment even with the color! Decorate your interiors with intensity and character. Finally, we conclude our roundup of color trends with a decidedly green touch. What is the perfect brushstroke? Let’s find out together.


Green: freshness to your interior

Who among us is not fascinated by the shades of green? One of the most common colors in nature in various declinations and which, upon entering the house, will give us the perception of being pleasantly surrounded by interesting landscapes and a completely spontaneous beauty. Choose the tone of green that’s right for you: for this year mint and sage will dominate.

Give your interiors the calm you need and a breath of freshness that will make you reborn.


Curtains colors trends of 2021: photos and images

The colors we have proposed to you are just some of those ready to redesign your interiors with character. How about taking a last look at the gallery? More images are ready to inspire you: enjoy.


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