How to clean your mouse and keyboard in a few steps: useful tips

If with Covid we pay more attention to disinfect every surface, can we say the same about our computer? When did you last clean it thoroughly and how do you usually do it? Find out with us how to clean your mouse and keyboard to remove dust, dirt and germs in just a few steps. Turn it into a routine operation.


Are you sure to wash your hands every time you have to get to work on the pc? And not to munch on anything with the passage of time? If the dust silently settles on your monitor, and the keyboard begins to show crumb or fingerprints, it’s time for action.. Not even the mouse escapes this logic.

Cleaning should almost become a foregone conclusion in order to always guarantee the correct functioning of your computer, whether fixed or portable! How about you start taking notes and read some tips that we have in store for you? Here we go.

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Let’s prepare together what you need to clean your PC

Let’s start with the prepare everything you need to do a good job, in our case it is:

  • a pair of gloves to wear
  • microfiber cloth lint free
  • a spray bottle
  • neutral soap
  • alcohol or vinegar.

Absolutely avoid solvents that can damage the electronic components or the screen, bleach or abrasive cloths, but we will see this later we have compiled a list of what you absolutely must not do to fix the procedure in mind: it’s time to start. How much time is required? Let’s find out in the next paragraph


Necessary time

If you are wondering how long it takes for this cleaning operation to perform properly, consider that at least once a week 5 minutes are enough. A quick cleaning that nevertheless allows dust and dirt not to accumulate on the monitor or between the keys.

Self, in reverse, you want to deepen the cleaning, take into account a time of at least 30 minutes once a month. Having said that, let’s arm ourselves with a lot of patience and attention and proceed with the right methodology. Are you ready? Read on as well.


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How to clean mouse

Let’s start with some little tricks that allow us to easily clean ours companion of adventures and a thousand clicks: the mouse. Small, shrewd, with an attractive and ergonomic design, agile, versatile: in one word irreplaceable. But how much attention do we pay him?

Companion of projects, nights and new adventures, it allows us to go up and down quickly on a sheet, to move from one page to another and to do research quickly. But equally quickly gets dirty: have you noticed? It takes very little to actually clean it.

Disconnect it from the PC or remove the batteries, then proceed with cleaning with a damp microfibre cloth and with compressed air it blows away what has accumulated between the seams and the scroll wheel. Be careful not to blow under the right or left button, you could compromise its operation. If there is stubborn dirt use the tip of the toothpick: et voilà the first operation is gone. Let’s move on to the keyboard.


How to clean keyboard

To clean the keyboard first of all you need to understand the degree of dirtiness. As a first operation it is necessary to disconnect it from the pc if removable or turn off your laptop so as not to cause trouble in proceeding. Once this is done, turn it upside down and drop the dirt, use an old toothbrush or tweezers to collect crumbs and dust between the keys.

If we want to accomplish a more thorough cleaning buy a spray can: the compressed air, insinuating itself between the free spaces, will carry away the accumulated dust and dirt, with them also the germs. Last the operation using a microfiber cloth and alcohol or, if you prefer, buy ad hoc products. Do not rub excessively.


How to clean screen

The operation cannot be considered complete if you do not clean your pc screen: fingerprints, grease, dirt and dust lurk on it, get rid of them in a few steps. When the screen is off the spots will stand out more but remember to never spray anything directly on it because you could damage it.

Proceed by spraying of the glass spray on a soft cloth (also an old tank top) or use a soaked wipe, circular motions and light pressure will complete the work.


What you must not do

Prevention is always the best weapon to keep your computer clean: buy a keyboard protector, try not to eat sitting at your desk and always follow the directions given by the manufacturers.

Make a regular cleaning appointment: do not let dirt take over by taking care of:

  • do not rub too much
  • do not use aggressive detergents
  • make sure that, after cleaning, everything is dry.


How to clean mouse and keyboard: photos and images

And do you regularly clean your mouse and keyboard? If it is a so far neglected or underestimated operation, get to work by following our little tips. Take a last look in the gallery where we have collected useful images for you that will guide you in cleaning. Browse it as well.


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