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In times of crisis, where we all assume budget cuts and prioritize our expenses, we usually catalogue the best aesthetics and decorations within the luxuriesas many consider that home decoration is a series of superfluous expenses. However, living in a home that is comfortable, warm and reflects the personality of those who live there is essential for feeling at peace, relaxed, and having enough energy to cope with the burden of everyday life. If you don’t want to give up on transforming your home from time to time, read these tips for decorating in times of crisis.

Decoration in times of crisis

Recycle and reuseDo you need new furniture? Don’t despair! You can always get good deals on second-hand shops and antique markets. With the revival of the retro look this kind of business is very much in vogue. You can also check websites that specialize in exchanging or reselling used items.

If you have the time, you can do wonders with very few materials, check out these articles with instructions on how to do pallet furnitureto make a shelf chair or even reuse a vintage suitcase to make a bed for your cat. Check out our Recycling to see more decorative ideas for times of crisis.


Clean and relocate: Something simple and what you won’t spend a penny on, clean and move all the furniture in the living room or bedroom to different positions. This simple change can make all the difference. Also try changing the curtains to lighter ones that allow more light to enter during the day, thus saving on electricity.



ExchangeTalk to your friends and acquaintances to exchange decorative pieces or furniture that you no longer need, so you can renew some accessories. If you have an artist friend, you can ask him/her for an illustration or photograph to frame it and brighten up a wall.


PaintingRenew the walls or old furniture with a little paint. Check if you have any dark color leftovers, because with them you can prepare slate paint to add a fun touch to the walls, paint your bed headboard or table surfaces.

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