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Painting with our colours antique furniture is an option DIY that we love. If we are lucky enough to have antique pieces, all we have to do is choose a good colour and get to work; an ideal task for the weekend!

Coloured furniture

These furniture painted in bright colours can become the decorative focus of any space. Thus, we will manage to create a much more personal atmosphere in which the furniture in question stands out in the whole.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a kitchen, dining room or bedroom furniture. Opt for a sideboard, for example, and paint it from bright colour as yellow or pink, will undoubtedly give incredible results. We can also opt for an eye-catching display case in a green colour for our living room.

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furniture pitnados with colors 2

colorful furniture

furniture painted with colors 10

furniture painted with colors 5

furniture painted with colors 6

If we want to do it ourselves, it is important to know that first of all the furniture must be sanded to remove the remains of the previous varnish or paint. This may be the hardest task, but it is absolutely necessary, because otherwise our new paint will not adhere properly to the surface to be painted.

furniture painted with colors 8

furniture painted with colors 9

We must also let it dry out very well, especially if we think of a aged finish (by subsequently scratching certain areas of the furniture). In this finish, if the paint is very wet, we will only manage to spread it evenly by having to paint the furniture again.

furniture painted with colors 7

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