Furniture and objects made with wooden pallets – Interior and exterior decoration

It’s been a while since we talked about a subject we love, the furniture and objects made with wooden pallets. Surely all our followers must know how much we love everything that is recycled, and by the way, the possibilities that pallets or wooden platforms offer us are endless.

Furniture and objects made with wooden pallets

What these objects have that are usually used to store building materials or goods in warehouses, is that they can be reused either as pallets or by dismantling them and using their wood to make new objects that will not even retain the usual appearance or shape of these pallets.

Storage space with recycled pallets

If there is one thing that always comes in handy in any home, it is furniture or objects that can be stored. In addition to these beautiful drawers for storing fruit, ideal for the kitchen, we love this tray on which you can move delicious breakfast or even serve to store other objects.

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Tray made of wooden pallets

Fruit crates with recycled wooden pallets

Vertical gardens with pallets

Another of our passions is plants, and we particularly love the vertical gardens. They are ideal for small homes, and as we know, nowadays houses and apartments have less and less square meters, which forces us to intelligently use the space upwards. Here we can see two of the most interesting options to take advantage of these wooden floorboards and turn them into vertical gardens.

You can find more information about these gardens at. “Benefits and advantages of vertical gardens“.

Vertical garden with wooden pallets

Vertical garden made with pallets

The charm of Boho Chic spaces

For those who love spaces decorated in boho chic styleThe following is a living room where that touch is achieved by using wooden pallets as a base for a sofa, and as appropriate, textiles and cushions with typical boho chic prints.

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Boho chic style lounge with wooden pallet

Boho chic room

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