Tips for decorating your home with little money – Interior and Exterior Decoration

The home decoration doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. The truth is that there are many low-cost solutions that you can apply at home without leaving a lot of money behind. Learn how to make the most of your walls and corners and make your home a different place full of personality.

Tricks for decorating your house with little money

There are many alternatives for skimp on the moneyfrom decorative vinyl to textiles, photo decoration or mirrors. Learn how to integrate economic elements that add charm to each of your stays.

Textile decoration, the most economical option

In addition to other solutions such as paint the walls of your salon, textiles can be one of the best options for change your home decoration without spending a lot of money. The good thing is that there are many options, and prices too. Buying a new sofa cover or cushions will always be much cheaper than renovating that same sofa. Bet on prints that make your bedroom or living room a completely different place, and if these colors are striking, the white walls will look really good, an advantage, because white paint is much cheaper.

Textile in neutral tones

Summertime cushions

Orange and grey cushions

Window seat cushions

Decoration with vinyl

Another option that we love, this time applied to the walls, is the use of decorative vinyl. These have long since arrived in our lives, and are still one of the best options for adding personality to any stay. The good thing is that they are elements that can be incorporated into any space in the house, so, placing a vinyl in the bathroom or in the kitchen won’t be a problem. You can opt for vinyl with texts, for example with motivating and inspiring phrases, or buy vinyl with different drawings and even landscapes.

Artistic vinyl

Women's vinyl and bicycle

Decorating with images from your life

Yes, the photographs can be that decorative object that you crave so much. They are economical, as their printing will not cost us too much money. In addition, we can make lovely collages in any corner of the house. We can choose a wall and fill it, completely, with photos of various sizes or place them in a more subtle way on a specific architectural element, such as a column. Be that as it may, it will add character, while we will have our own more present than ever. The black and white photos give the most elegant results, although one should not renounce to the colour photos, always alive and dynamic.

Family photos for decoration

Decorate with photos

Decorate with flowers

Flowers can be great in this low-cost decoration. There are many advantages of decorate with flowers. For starters, we’re talking about something that won’t cost us much money. Buying a bouquet is always economical (some species more than others). In addition, there is also the option of artificial flowers, always brilliant and perfect. If we opt for the natural ones, they also have advantages, since from time to time we will be able to change the color of the same ones to contribute new airs to our home.

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