Decorate with glass bottles and flowers – Interior and exterior decoration

Almost everyone likes flowers, and the truth is that we now find many, as well as many environments in decoration magazines where we can see floral arrangements decorating living rooms, kitchens and even bathrooms. If you like this decorative solution and want to see some interesting options, here are a few. Decorate with glass bottles and flowersYou can give a special touch to any environment with little money.

Decorate with glass bottles and flowers

If you like to recycle and anything else low-cost decorationYou can choose between glass bottles transparent or decorate them yourself with a little patience. Make the most of your creativity and get different vases for little money, to place in any room in your home.

Clear glass bottles

The bottles of we love glass. They are very interesting elements to decorate. We have seen everything from bottles turned into lamps to what we are interested in today, vases or vases. Yes, an empty bottle can become a beautiful vase. You can opt for just one or create a composition with several bottles and flowers. Note that the amount of flowers you can include in these bottles is directly related to the diameter of the opening of the top of the bottle. You may not be able to put in big bouquets, but small-scale details have their charm too.

Clear glass bottles

Vase with glass bottles

Decorate your glass bottles

To bring those clear bottles to life, you have many options. We really like this one, in which we simply add pieces of fabric or paper of different motifs tied with a ribbon. It’s a very simple way to give a different touch without too much effort, and the truth is that the result is beautiful. In addition, the options are endless, as we can choose the fabric we like best or even create a paper print ourselves.

Homemade vases

Bottles decorated as vases

Coloured glass bottles

Although transparent glass bottles are a good option, we can also talk about coloured glass bottles or jars. We found a great repertoire, from bottles in blue tones to bottles in pink, and even fuchsia. If you find one of these, don’t hesitate to ask, because as decoration are a whole point. As in the previous case, you can use them separately or put them together. In this case, the interesting thing might be to put together different colored glass bottles.

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Colored glass bottles like vases

Coloured glass bottles

Glass bottles with paint

It is a simple technique, you just have to choose the color of the paint you like and fill the bottle. Then you stir and all that paint will spread inside the bottle, as explained in “Decorate with painted bottles“. The result is great, because the texture of the glass will be intact. It can be a nice effect to create your own custom vases. You can also try, if you are good at drawing, to paint them on the outside with some floral motifs. Maximum customization for these bottles that can be placed anywhere in your home.

Painted glass jars

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