Ideas for decorating with wooden boxes – Interior and exterior decoration

We love the wooden boxes for decoration. It is not the first time we talk about the great and varied possibilities they offer us when introducing them as decorative elements in a room; and the truth is that these boxes are really very versatile.

Ideas for decorating with wooden boxes

We can, for example, enjoy different uses depending on their size. So, if we have small boxes, the kind you see at the greengrocer’s, we can always paint and decorate them to put them on a desk or in some open shelvesThe role of the storage space and at the same time providing a decorative bonus.

One of the most interesting uses of this type of slatted box is side tables. The wood is resistant, so in addition to including them inside our home, providing a very rustic and warm touch, we can also use them outside, such as balconiesAs we know, wood can withstand temperatures, always with proper maintenance. The fruit boxes are a real ally if what we’re looking for is skimp on the money.




Another of our favourite uses is the wooden boxes as shelves. The truth is that arranged on the wall, either together or in isolation, will allow us to obtain a place in which to place our personal items, while providing a personal touch to any space, such as the hall. We can also paint these boxes, thus adding colour to the rooms.





Finally, if we have a lot of boxes and we want a extra storage spacewe can build a kind of auxiliary furniture by stacking them on top of each other. As always, customization through painting will be our best ally to make this shelf a unique piece.

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