How to choose the best Dry Cleaning Service near you

How to choose the best Dry Cleaning Service near you

Choosing the best dry cleaning service near you may require some effort if there’s no recommendation from a neighbor or family member to depend on.

You have put so much time already on picking the best clothes and having them in your wardrobe. You don’t want to deal with a dry cleaner who won’t take proper care of your clothes.

Beyond being charged exorbitantly for nothing. You have other things to worry about such as loss or damage to your clothes. 

So, how do you choose the best dry cleaning service near you? After careful study, we have found factors that you need to consider before choosing a dry cleaner service in your locality.

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best Dry Cleaner Service Near You


This is the first question you need to ask before you settle down to talk. You need to know when your clothes are likely to be delivered even before you talk about price. It’s possible to find one that would deliver on the same day while the case might be different from another.

This might sound absurd as a factor that determines whether a dry cleaning service is the best or not. Well, being able to deliver based on the agreement you both had on delivery goes a long way in knowing whether you have chosen the best or not.

Also, you should find out about their operation hours. Are they limited or not? Does the operation hours agree with your schedule? If you can’t get your clothes whenever it’s convenient for you or have it delivered when you need it, you should think twice. 


Do not be taken by the popularity of any dry cleaner service near you. Popularity should not be put above quality if you are concerned about choosing the best dry cleaning service near you. You should pay attention to what those they have served in the past are saying. It doesn’t cost much to carry out a search query to read reviews and testimonials if the company is online. 

If you can’t find them online, ask those you met in the neighborhood. 

Mind you, online reviews are not enough. Research by yourself. You could evaluate the service they offer by sending in one or two clothes for dry cleaning. Once they are returned to you, consider the following:

  • Do they use eco-friendly detergents and washers?
  • Presence of tears or holes.
  • How it’s packaged.
  • Have the stains been properly removed?
  • Any dent or discoloration?
  • Are the buttons intact?
  • Is the zip still in the right shape?
  • Is it well-ironed?
  • Are clothes free of smell?

When you have nothing to worry or fear about after examining their services with the yardsticks above, you can put your hope in them.


When thinking of how to choose the best dry cleaning service near you is no perfect dry cleaning service anywhere. Due to human or machine error, issues are likely to develop concerning your clothes. What matters when any issue takes place is the manner with which it’s dealt with. And that’s why you should pay attention to the customer support system before you choose a dry cleaner service near you. 

Find out about their policy on loss/damage to clothes. You should know whether they have a quick response time or not. Be sure that their help center, contact form, and email or phone numbers are easy to find. 


We are putting this last because it should be the last thing to worry about. What do we mean by this? Choosing the best dry cleaning service near you has less or nothing to do with the price. A big dry cleaning service company might charge you a high price without offering quality service at the end of the day. Whereas, a local dry cleaner service near might charge you a lesser price and deliver quality service.

That’s why you should put the first three factors into consideration above price. 

Meanwhile, you should know that there is always a significant difference in what dry cleaner services charge. 

Factors that influence price include: quality of detergent required for washing, the quality of equipment used for washing and drying, pick up/delivery as well, as the material itself.

See their price list before you settle. You can also compare prices elsewhere.


How to choose the best dry cleaning service near you could be daunting if you don’t know what to look out for. We believe we have been able to help with the factors above. 

Follow them carefully. Don’t forget to put delivery time, quality service, and customer support systems above other things. No matter the amount you are billed by your dry cleaner – high or low, you can’t afford to have your clothes delivered worse than you handed it over to them. 


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