More ideas for furniture made from pallets – Interior and exterior decoration

If there’s one thing we love about is recycling and DIY furniture. Luckily our readers and followers are also lovers of anything that involves give things a second chance before throwing them awayand this motivates us to share more ideas. The low-cost decorating ideas always come in handy. Tell us what you think of these furniture ideas made with wooden pallets.

More ideas for furniture made from pallets

Today we return to our beloved pallets or wooden pallets and its different uses in the decoration. It may seem repetitive to some, but the spread that our followers give to any publication that has to do with this topic in social networks, especially in our Facebook Fanpage and our Pinterest’s profileThe fact that they are not in the same place makes us know that they want more and more.

We could say that we have seen almost everything we can do with this versatile material, but the interesting thing about it is that we can find 10 coffee tables with palletsbut because it’s handmade, they’ll all be different. So, probably of the many variations we see, some of them will serve as inspiration.


We love the side tables with wheelsThey are very practical when moving them from one side to another, but those without wheels are also very interesting. As we can see, some people choose to treat the wood much more than others, finding some painted and others in their natural color. Every furniture made of pallets has its charm and personality, it’s something we can’t deny!



We loved this black desk with the glass base. Here it is demonstrated that these home furnishings are not necessarily for rustic roomsIn this case, it has a modern look that could perfectly fit in a minimalist atmosphere.


Below is another desk that is ideal for a youth dormitory. This is probably more complex to do, but as we can see it is very complete!


And when it comes to getting storage space in kitchens are a more than interesting alternative. Here we see how with just one wooden pallet we can get an open shelf for our kitchen, so simple and cheap.


For those who have children at home, they will surely love this idea, it is a play kitchen where they would surely spend hours. As long as it is children’s furniture with pallets it is important to treat the wood very well, to sand it a lot and to avoid leaving points that can hurt them.

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