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We love the wooden pallets for decorationAs we usually say, there are no limits, we can get a lot of furniture and objects with this material. At EstiloyDeco we have shared many ideas for decorating with floorboards. Ideas for the home, the garden, the living room, and even the bathroom. This is a material that is in great demand today and has been for several years, offering functional and aesthetic solutions that are more than interesting.

Pallets for decorating children's rooms

We usually use them for almost any room in the house, but why not decorate our children’s room with them? From bedheads to real children’s palaces. Take notes and decide how you want to enter the pallets in children’s decorationfrom your house.

A place to sleep

We start with the basics; there are many images that we find of wooden bed headboardsThe most important of these are the pallet-based products. We can leave them unpainted, in nature, or draw on them some childish shapes. We may prefer to paint them in a single color. But in addition, the handiest can make everything from bedsteads to impressive moon-shaped cribs like the one below, dare you?

Bed headboard made of pallet wood

Moon-shaped cradle made of wooden pallets

A children’s study area

In the world of children, not everything is play. They also have to make time to do their homework or even to experiment with art. A work surface is essential for this, and wooden pallets are also a suitable material for creating study areas for children. A few wall anchors or a sturdy structure with several legs will be more than enough. Don’t forget a chair at his height so that the child is comfortable.

Children's desk made of wood

Study space made of pallet wood

Study space with wooden pallets

Storage for books and stories

Little ones read too. The world of fantasy is very important to them. Why not build a shelf or magazine rack to hold all their storybooks? It could be the perfect complement for the children’s room, being able to place it in any corner.

Book shelf made with wooden pallets

A big pallet house

It doesn’t matter if you want to put it inside your house or in the garden. With these wood planks you can also do the typical wooden houses that children like so much. It’s true that it’s a much more complicated DIY, but a little bit of skill and enough time will surely work miracles. Let’s imagine our children playing in little houses like these and we’ll surely manage to do it.

Playhouse made of pallet wood

Playhouse made with pallets

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