Things you can do with recycled cable reels

We know how much they love everything that has to do with him. recycling and low cost decoration or low budget, so today we have decided to share some ideas to make our own furniture, in this case using an element that we love, and that if we do our best we can get it. for free. In the worst case we’ll have to pay for it, though not a lot of money. Here we give you some ideas of things you can do with recycled cable reels.

Things you can do with recycled cable reels

Just as we talked, at another time, about things you can do with recycled palletswe must say that the cable drums or reels are as versatile as the wooden palletsWe can do a lot of things that can not only decorate a corner of our house but also fulfill the function of furniture.

Dining tables made with cable reels

One of the most common uses that are given to these cable bonnets is the table. Depending on its size we can make from a small side table to a large table for the kitchen or dining room, as in the case of the first image of the post, where the table made with a cable reel is perfect in this beautiful industrial style kitchen.

Another example we have loved is this dining room, where the wooden spool has a stainless steel finish, adapting much better to a more modern environment. You’ll find more proposals in an article we published some time ago where we talked about tables made from recycled cable reels.

Dining table made with cable reel

If what we’re trying to achieve is rather a informal diningmaybe you’ll like this proposal. Where the wooden reel looks more rustic, painted from above and accompanied by chairs in different coloursWant more ideas for things you can do with recycled cable reels? Keep reading!

Informal dining room with table made from recycled cable reel

Room coffee tables made of cable reels

Of course, getting one of these cable drums enormous is not the normal thing, on the contrary, the easiest to obtain are the medium and small, with which we can make interesting. coffee tables for the living room. And if we put wheels on it much better!

Coffee tables with recycled cable reels

Side tables DIY

Another of those things you can do with recycled cable reels are auxiliary tables for some corner of the room, either to place a lamp on top, as well as ornaments, portraits, etc … And why not create compartments for it to serve as a library? In this way you will become the best ally for a company. reading corner.

Auxiliary table made with cable reel

Auxiliary table for the room made with cable reel and personalized with paint.

Auxiliary table library made with cable reels

Tables made with customized cable drums with mosaiquismo

We loved these tables made with reels where the particularity is that they have been customized with the technique of mosaiquismo, which we really love. In fact we published an article where we talked about custom tables with different techniques, and one of them is this.

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