Decoration with wooden pallets. Furniture with platforms.

We love the decoration with little moneyand above all the decoration with wooden pallets. Almost 10 years have passed since the birth of this Blog, back in 2008, and since then we have been sharing ideas to decorate with pallets or wooden pallets. They never go out of style. Although we have practically seen everything, what happens with this type of DIY furniture is that, precisely, they are handmade, so there is never a coffee table like the other, no matter how hard we try to make it the same.

Decoration with wooden pallets

In the article we’ll take the edge off and share more ideas with pallets, as we haven’t posted on this topic in quite a while. In addition we take the opportunity to invite you to visit a new Pinterest board on ideas with pallets. In it we will be uploading images that will surely serve as inspiration. We invite you to follow him.

Wooden pallets in the living room

If there’s a stay where there’s never a lack of objects made with palletsit’s the living room or the living room. Both the armchairs and the coffee tables are preferred by those who make this type of handcrafted furniture. And not only that, we also found interesting TV furniture that, frankly, has nothing to envy of the modern furniture sold in stores.

With regard to this of the furniture made with pallets it must be clarified that what at one time began as a Low Cost movementwhere the “handymen” began to make their own furniture, today became a fashion and there are many people and even companies that manufacture this type of furniture, so we can get them in many craft fairs and even in many stores in large shopping centers.

Wooden pallets in the living room

TV cabinet with wooden pallets

TV furniture made with pallets

Wooden pallets in reading corners

If you like to read you will love these proposals. It’s about reading corners with wooden pallets. Whether we mount it in the living room or in any other room, an armchair made of wooden pallets with lots of cushions and good lighting, is all we need to enjoy a good book.

Reading corners with wooden pallets

Reading spaces with wooden pallets

Decoration with wooden pallets in the bedroom

Although many find it hard to believe, we can also use pallets in bedrooms. And it is that with them we can create a very good somier, and even night tables. As long as the pallets are well sanded and treated, they are totally suitable for a main or guest room. We can also obtain other furniture with wooden platforms, from wardrobes, chests of drawers and all types of storage furniture.

Beds made with wooden pallets

Bedroom furniture made from wooden pallets

Storage furniture made of wooden pallets

As we mentioned, another of the uses that can be given to wooden pallets is that of storage furniture. From wardrobes, preferably open, to coat racks or shelves. Whether it’s for bedrooms, dining rooms, decoration of commercial premisesThe decoration with wooden pallets is very versatile. We can also build a shelf to place pots, or we have even seen vertical gardens made with pallets that the truth is very pretty.

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