Handicrafts with recycled objects. Handicrafts and recycling.

In this article we will touch on two themes we love in StyleandDeco: arts and crafts and recycling. If you’ve been following us for some time now, you know that, in addition to decoration, we love to share DIY projects, things we can do in our homes, and what’s better if it’s reusing objects that would otherwise end up in the garbage. Here are a few ideas from Handicrafts with recycled objects that we hope you like.

Handicrafts with recycled objects

From beautifully painted glass jars, through bottles painted with mandalas, to a very original way to personalize. wreaths of lights with disposable plastic bottles.

Painted glass jars

First of all we go with this simple but very nice idea. Would you like to get bottles like these to keep things or even to give away? It’s so easy. What we need, in addition to the bottles or glass jarsis a container with water and stained glass lacquer of different colors. This stained glass lacquer can be obtained at any time. artisan supply storeand we’ll probably even find it in bookstores.

Bottles painted with stained glass lacquer

Bottles painted with stained glass lacquer

The truth is that making these painted jars is very easy. Next you can see the video tutorial with the step by step that we found in the Youtube channel of ManualidadesBlog:


Mandalas painted on glass bottles

This project goes for lovers of the mandala decorationwhich we know are many. To tell the truth, painting mandalas in bottles is not an easy task, but mandalas fans tend to have that patience that others do not have. We loved this proposal that we found in the Youtube channel of Talents in Handicraftswhere it converts simple bottles of wine that would go to the garbage, into wonderful decorative pieces.

Mandalas painted in bottles of pidrio

As we said before, this painting mandalas requires patience and takes time, so the author of the video tutorial has divided it into two parts. In the first one he teaches us how to paint the upper part, and in the second one the base.

Paint mandalas in bottles step by step (first part):


Paint mandalas in bottles step by step (second part):


Light garlands with recycled plastic bottles

We loved this project that we found in the Jezz Crafts Youtube channel. This is a super interesting idea to customize garlands of lights. Ideal to take into account for the Christmas decorationbecause we’re getting closer and closer. The idea is to make flowers from disposable plastic bottles, paint them with acrylic paint and decorate our garlands of lights with them.

The idea is to cut a bottle as seen in the following image and then make cuts to get 5 petals.

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