The best colors for a Shabby Chic style bathroom: 7 ideas to copy

What are the best colors for a Shabby Chic style bathroom? Color combinations and furnishing ideas. How to give a delicate and feminine look to the most intimate room in the house through color.


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Are you struggling with the choice of colors to transform your bathroom into a perfect Shabby kingdom?

The Shabby Chic bathroom par excellence, like all environments furnished with this aesthetic, prefers feminine tones and the soft pastels like light blue, cream, powder pink and beige.

In combination with the right complements and accessories, the color will help you create the desired atmosphere. And then find out which are the nuances to be on the safe side with!


1. Total white

The White is perhaps the best choice for a Shabby style bathroom.

Approach it to elements in whitewashed wood, a details in chrome, to furnishing elements with a lived-in look and to one freestanding bathtub from the sinuous silhouette.

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As for the curtains, choose natural fabrics such as linen and cotton pure white color, while for the lighting he opts for the transparencies of a suspension element in glass or crystal.

Complete the scene with a dark wood parquet: you will give your bathroom the Shabby appeal you were looking for!


For a more rustic effect and material, we recommend natural stone walls in tones ofAmber, of the White he was born in beige to which you can combine bathroom linen of the same nuance.


2. White and powder pink

A refined color that works great in a bathroom illuminated by lots of natural light, powder pink is another must of the Shabby design.

Match it to complements furnishing Wood with an antique finish. When you buy curtains and towels, choose fabrics draped like the ones you can see in the picture. Complete the look with a carpet embroidered in crochet in shades of white and your bathroom will be adorable Shabby.


3. Beige and pastel green

The beige used on the walls and through the furnishings, brings a touch of refinement that lasts over time: the best choice if you are looking for a palette that does not lose its charm over the years.

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Complete the color palette with hints of pastel green: then play with drawers, knobs, soaps and small prints Wall. You will give color to the bathroom while maintaining a delicate and romantic mood, emblem of the Shabby style.


4. Creamy dove gray

The dove gray, neutral color par excellence, gives heat and a refined elegance to a Shabby bathroom. Use it in its softer and creamiest shades to paint the walls.

For regarding the floor, you prefer of the birch wood planks with an antique effect, that recall the dove gray tone.

Use this nuance also through the curtains and carpets. Then play with silver and glass accessories combined with brilliant ceramics.

Finally embellish the environment with refined details in shades of white such as the classic style mirror frame and one chair with a shabby-Provencal design. An Empire style bathtub with inlaid feet cannot be missing.


5. Light gray and white

The White, you know, it is the color par excellence when it comes to Shabby furniture. Combined with light gray and sanitary ware with a classic design, it can make a real difference.

Choose a pendant chandelier like the item you can see in the picture, made in silver and crystal pendants. For a more fun aspect, you can go to add color accents playing with a small gallery of wall prints.

To reinforce the typically Shabby feminine touch, embellish the shelf with a wrought iron dressing table with a glass vase and wildflowers. An oval mirror with a classical frame cannot be missing.

If you want to give your bathroom an antique look, we recommend buying accessories and details with a rustic vintage flavor such as mirror appliques, frames and towel rails.


6. Teal, gray and midnight blue

The fresh shades of aqua green create the ideal environment to start the day by taking care of yourself.

In the Shabby style bathroom of our next proposal, green has been combined with a wood-effect floor in shades of gray, with visible veins and ad a midnight blue boiserie. The effect is bolder, but at the same time retains all the characteristics of this trendy aesthetic.


7. Aquamarine green and white

A fresh and trendy color but classic at the same time, the aquamarine green it is the ideal choice if you want to give your bathroom a delicate atmosphere with Coastal inspirations.

A classic style chandelier presents transparent pendants that resemble jewels while the shower curtains stand out for theirs elegant floral patterns.


Best colors for a Shabby Chic style bathroom: photos and images

Create a delicate environment that can also reflect your personal style. Get inspired by our image gallery and choose the best colors for your Shabby Chic style bathroom.


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