Colors for a classic style kitchen: the best color combinations

What are the best colors to use in a classic style kitchen? In this article you will be able to discover some color trends that best suit a kitchen with a typical classic taste.


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Beating heart of the home, place of long chat and pleasant coffee, stage of morning yawns, quick lunches is delicious dinners: there kitchen and the most lived area of ​​the house is that tends to mirror at most the tastes of who lives there in terms of furniture, colors is style. Precisely in reference to the latter we want to concentrate today because the color-style combination is not a matter to be taken lightly.

For example, you know what colors are best for a kitchen furnished in a classic style? If you don’t know which shades to choose for the walls, we point out some color trends that you can use while maintaining a perfect match with the classic taste of the furnishings.

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In reality, there is a large choice of options and various shades, you will have to study well the combinations between the furnishings and the walls Why the complements must always to catch L’caution is the walls must not overhang the environment which must be elegant, harmonious and pleasant. So here are the best colors for a classic kitchen.


Classic kitchen colors: white

The timeless white it’s a safe choice and effective, even if it is the simplest way to go. Looks good on furniture or on the walls is donate a great brightness to the whole room, visually enlarging the space.

Self the floor of the kitchen it is of a dark shade, mostly, the White has the power to make you stand out the floor coverings, be it a parquet or other. If you choose to paint your kitchen walls a beautiful white, remember to reserve for the ceiling a dirtier shade or a light gray: this will make the ceiling higher.

However, if you don’t want to welcome friends and family into a kitchen that is too white – almost impersonal we would dare to say – you can realize on the walls of the decorations effect glazing or sponging paying attention to don’t over-emphasize otherwise you would risk losing sight of the classic style we refer to.

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Classic kitchen colors: beige

We all know that the classic style evokes a environment warm, traditional, from “hearth” so to speak. To highlight this aspect even more, beige is ideal in the interior of your kitchen classical, in the neutral shade, not too marked e saturated, turns out to be the best color to create that feeling of familiarity that a kitchen must recall.

Also, beige it’s a super versatile color matching very well to furniture in light and dark wood, parquet, but also stoneware, Stone, cooked that they will stand out by the warm tone of the beige walls.

Of course, if you are thinking of painting your walls beige we recommend that you use simple techniques, for accentuate the classic style even more, whose finish must be uniform on all verticalities of the environment.


Classic kitchen wall colors: gray

Although associated more with modern style, even gray is establishing itself increasingly as a popular trend to combine with one classic cuisine. In reality the spectrum of grays includes various shades, but if you wish to keep there yours kitchen in line with a more stylistic concept traditional focus on light gray.

Just like white, the gray fits happily ai furnishings, ai complements, ai wooden furniture dark typical of classic Provencal or country chic kitchens. In particular, the dove gray – which is a variant of gray that almost flows into neutral tones of beige – is ideal if you want to bring a breath of fresh air to the kitchen, where contemporaneity and classicism dialogue without bullying.

For a more sophisticated version of your kitchen, match gray is White in pure shades but also ivory, off-white to produce interesting results that will leave you satisfied.


Classic kitchen colors: yellow

Finally, much appreciated and strongly back in fashion: the yellow, the color of light, of the sun, that evokes energy, cheerfulness transmitting these pleasant sensations also to the home environment. Mostly in the kitchen it is recommended as it is the most convivial place, where you live on food and healthy laughter.

Obviously, we must not exceed in the tonality: therefore, choose carefully the ideal gradation so as not to overshadow the classic style of the kitchen. Indeed, the dark yellow is difficult from match to the furnishings classics especially if light in color; otherwise the more subdued shades of yellow I’m an excellent compromise combined with white furniture you hate solid wood.

In return the yellow has a’excellent versatility in terms of pairing ai floors, being a color that looks great is approached to coatings clear that dark. Of course, in the kitchen, if you choose yellow, everything must be particularly balanced: to light floor walls will be combined dark yellow; to dark floor – like parquet – will be combined with light yellow.


Colors for a classic style kitchen: pictures

To review the images relating to the best colors for a classic style kitchen do not miss the photo gallery below.


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