Raffrescatore evaporativo: consigli per gli acquisti

Evaporative cooler: advice for purchases

Are you looking for tips for buying evaporative coolers? What they are, how they work and why to buy them: here’s everything you need to know.

Evaporative cooler: advice for purchases

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If you are looking for a valid alternative to classic air conditioners, read on because the evaporative cooler could be the solution for you.

It is a modern appliance that actually uses a method known since ancient times and used by the Romans, the cooling of the environment through the evaporation of water. In fact, in the houses of the patricians of ancient Rome, there were often ornamental pools constantly filled with cold water that had the sole task of refreshing the environment.

Evaporative coolers are practical and functional, suitable for commercial premises even of large sizes, for offices and private homes. They boast an excellent quality / price ratio since they are not expensive neither during the purchase nor for maintenance. Furthermore, their installation does not involve renovation works or masonry works (unless you want to connect it to the water supply); it will be sufficient to connect them to a normal electrical outlet.

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Still, all those who have a green soul will particularly appreciate them because they do not involve the use of refrigerant gases or other chemicals therefore they do not pollute. The air put back into circulation by an evaporative cooler is naturally fresh and therefore does not cause health problems such as colds or joint pains, which are typical of air conditioners.

You may find negative reviews that indicate an increase in the humidity level in your home, but please be wary as this is not physically possible. The water released into the air is in a gaseous state in the form of cooled molecules so there is no possibility of condensation or humidity.

Finally, this appliance is widely used for terraces and dehor of bars and restaurants for their refreshing power that eliminates the heat and gives a pleasant sensation of freshness.


Stages of operation

Let’s now see the operation of an evaporative cooler in more detail. They have an internal fan very similar to that of a classic fan, but in addition to displacing the air, they produce fresh air and introduce it into the environment through an air flow at a lower temperature than that perceived in the room in which they are located.

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Wanting to be more precise, the internal fan sucks the air from the surrounding environment and directs it against an evaporative panel kept constantly irrigated by water (or ice, in the more technological models) present in the special tank. It is a mechanism extremely simple which allows you to prevent moisture deposits e lower the temperature of a certain room simply by cooling the air circulation.

Once the process has started, there is a continuous exchange between hot and fresh air and the perceived temperature remains constant. The whole system is based on the exchange of energy between water and air: the heat that transforms water into steam is removed from the air which therefore cools down in a natural way and not at all harmful to people and the ecosystem.


Buying Guide

If you are seriously considering the idea of ​​buying an evaporative cooler, a much cheaper and more ecological solution than a common air conditioner, these are the elements that you will need to keep under control.

Power and direction

Evaporative coolers have many advantages, but they certainly can never match the power of classic air conditioning systems. Then, in the purchase phase, depending on the use you intend to make of it and the size of the room where you are going to place it, we advise you to evaluate its potency well.

The measure of the outgoing air jet is expressed in m³ / h (cubic meters per hour); keep in mind that a 3,000 m³ / h appliance, which will consume less than 300 W and about 8 liters of water per hour, is recommended in places that do not exceed 20 m2.

Another important feature, on which the uniformity of the ambient temperature will depend, is the possibility of directing the air flow. It starts from the basic models, those with simple fins that oscillate on the horizontal axis, up to the most technological ones that can rotate 360 ​​degrees.

Weight and portability

With no need for outlets to the outside, evaporative coolers can be easily moved from one room to another. This is why it will be important also consider their weight and if they are equipped with handles and / or wheels to transport them.

But be careful, usually the lighter models have a less capacious water tank so they are less efficient and will force you to get up often to refill the tank; think, for example, that you have to do it during the night …

Adjustment commands

These attributes are typical of the higher price range models, as the cheaper ones are equipped with only the basic controls.

In some examples, it will be possible to set an on timer and even schedule daily starts. In others, the intensity of the air emission can be adjusted and make it look like a light breeze.

Anyway, the recommended choice is a supplied remote control, so you don’t have to get up every time you want to change a setting.


Evaporative cooler: images and photos

Do not miss this rich photo gallery, take a look before proceeding with the purchase of your evaporative cooler.


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