Personalized Tables – Interior and Exterior Decoration

Today we want to share with you these precious photos of personalized tables. If you like this craft, you’ll love this article, because everything you see you can do yourself.

Personalized tables

If you are thinking of giving a new look to your dining room, garden, balcony or living room, we suggest that, before you start to buy new furniture, observe these ideas for customizing tables.

Vinyl for tables

As we have seen on many occasions, the decorative vinyl are an excellent resource to decorate easily and inexpensively. Today there are many online vinyl stores that offer furniture stickers. If you’re looking for economic ideas to decoratetake into account the table vinylYou will not regret it, because with very little money you can give a renewed aspect to the living room, kitchen or dining room. Best of all, if you get bored with the design, you just have to change it and it’s over.

Vinyl for tables

Vinyl for furniture

Personalized tables with paint

And we don’t just mean painted tablesbut rather to tables intervened with paint. As an example we have chosen these precious tables made from recycled cable reels. But with an addition, and is that they have used them as canvas to capture their work of art. Do you like to draw? Why not do it on your garden table? Yes, it’s true, table vinyl is easy to install, but we can’t deny that painted tables look much better, because you can see what they look like. handcrafted to the naked eye.

Personalized tables with paint

Painted tables

Tables with mosaiquism

We love the mosaicism techniquethe truth is that everything that is done with it draws a lot of attention. And personalized tables with mosaics are no exception. It’s just a matter of having the materials. If you don’t dedicate yourself to this, surely the main doubt that will arise is “Where do I get mosaics? Well, it’ll be a matter of thinking a little. Maybe a friend, relative or neighbor is or was in works, some pieces are always broken and discarded. Another alternative is to go to a building materials house where they sell mosaics and ask them if they have any discarded pieces.

Tables with mosaiquism

But we can’t deny that tables with mosaicism are beautiful. Whether it’s for customize outdoor tablesas well as dining tables.

Tables with mosaics

As we can see in these photos of tables personalized with mosaic, there are no limits. We can obtain pieces rather rustic, in neutral colors, or something more modern and loaded with color.

Personalized round table with mosaics

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