Homemade pots. Original ideas to personalize flowerpots.

The flowerpots are elements that, besides including plants in our house, that always give freshness and extra joy, can turn into authentic decorative pieces. In this occasion we will give you some ideas of homemade pots which will also give a personal touch to any room in your house.

Homemade pots

These are simple crafts with easily available materials, such as paint, stones or rope. Choose the one you like the most and enjoy doing these DIY with your children.

Homemade pots with smiles

It’s about those easy craftsideal to do with children. A great example that with a little paint things change radically. Take a ceramic pot, one of those browns you can find in any store. Paint it white and add a smiling face. To give it a little color, choose other shades and paint the bottom of the pot with lines den yellow or purple, for example.

Homemade pots with smiles

Fun pots

Original pots with slate paint

The slate painting can change our boring pots. But in addition, it can become a faithful ally for the itinerant decoration. Yes, decoration that changes according to our mood. Paint one or more flowerpots with slate paint, creating a surface on which you can write or draw every day as you like. What do you think of the idea of turning your flowerpots into small slates?

Custom pots

Slate pots

Slate pots

Wrap the pots with ropes

The esparto cords are also a very useful material. He takes a flowerpot and string long enough to wind it around him. As a result, you will get a nice flowerpot with natural fibresideal for rustic or neo rustic environments, which are so fashionable lately.

Custom pots with string

Pots decorated with rope

Rustic homemade flowerpots

Custom pots with rope and paint

We love this proposal. It is a question of converting a common flowerpot, of those of ceramics, in a beautiful detail with romantic touches. The materials are simple to obtain: rope, white paint and typographical stamps (although it could also be obtained with a fine brush and black paint). In this case the rope is wound only at the top, leaving the bottom in white. We obtain the final detail with these letters, being able to personalize the message and writing what we want. An interesting way to get super original homemade pots.

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