Ideas for Mother’s Day – Interior and Exterior Decoration

May is a very special month for us, because it is celebrated the Mother’s Day in many countries. The festivities begin on the first Sunday in May, in Spain and Portugal, for example, on May 10 in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and on the second Sunday in May we continue to celebrate Mother’s Day in as many other countries as the United States, Brazil, Chile, and many more.

Ideas for Mother's Day

You’ll probably be looking for ideas to make a nice gift for momor some aunt, grandmother, sister, in short, some mother of the family… That’s why we want to share with you these 4 Mother’s Day gift ideas. There are three videos but in the second there are two projects in one.

Photo album for Mother’s Day

If there’s one thing every mother loves, it’s her children and/or grandchildren. That’s why we loved the idea of Floriterea youtuber we love. He managed to make a mini album DIY with photos of her granddaughters made with popsicle sticks or ice cream. Yes, of those that so many times we have used to make school crafts. We really loved the project. It should be noted that this DIY can be used for any gift, in this case for mothers, but it could be used for any occasion.

We invite you to watch the video where Floritere explains the step by step of this wonderful gift for mom:


If you want to see more, we recommend you visit the Youtube channel of Floritere.

Bouquet of chocolates and explosive box

Here we bring you two projects in one of the youtuber Jessika Taynara we’ve loved the truth, one more interesting than the other. The video tutorial is spoken in Portuguese, but the truth for those of us who speak Spanish is very well understood.

Imagine mommy’s face when she gets a “bouquet of chocolates“. If, as you read, literally, we are talking about an original bouquet but not flowers, but chocolates. And of course, if you do it with a lot of chocolates, it would be better to share it with the whole family.

And the second DIY project of Jessika Taynara is a “explosive box“super original. It’s a box that could look like any other. Mother’s Day Giftbut when the lid is removed it opens and inside there is everything you need for a special Mother’s Day breakfast. Just imagining Mom’s face when the box opens makes you want to try, don’t you think?


You can see more ideas in the Youtubve channel of Jessika Taynara.

Gifts for Mom with recycled bottles

We love the proposals of DIY Gustamontón. And if you like recycling surely this project is for you. In your channel we find these beautiful arrangements that you can make with recycled bottles and some more materials. The truth is that the result is very interesting, original and, above all, you do not need much money to carry out this DIY project. I’m sure Mom will love the detail. Below you can see the step by step in this video tutorial. As you can see, it offers two variants. We loved that whole how to make colored sands with salt and food colorants:


If you liked it we recommend you to visit the YouTube channel of DIY Gustamontón.

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