Outdoor TV cover

The TV in the garden or on the terrace is really a nice convenience, company for relaxing summer evenings. But how to protect the TV from theft and bad weather? We show you outdoor TV covers, their features and benefits.


With the heat and the beautiful days we re-evaluate the importance of having a large balcony or terrace, or why not, a garden. The habit of organizing events and pleasant evenings outside is getting stronger day after day, so much so that we are encouraged to set up this space with every possible comfort, including TV.

On the other hand it is not very convenient to install and uninstall the tv daily in an outdoor space. Luckily there is a solution that solves the problem to leave the TV unattended and exposed to the elements. We show you the main models, advantages and prices of the main outdoor TV protectors.

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Eternal TV coverage: which one to choose

Outdoor TV protection is a latest generation solution, current and modern, which offers you countless advantages.

First, the most obvious reason is that the cover protects the television from bad weather, both rain, as it is waterproof, and sultry heat, thanks to its insulating properties.

Another advantage that should not be underestimated is that this cover isolates the TV, preventing insects from taking up small spaces or holes. Although it seems like a minor problem, insects can easily get into the TV’s mechanisms, causing breakdowns.

The last advantage, perhaps even more important than protection against external atmospheric agents, is related to safety. Thanks to this TV cover, in fact, you can protect your device from theft and vandalism.

This last aspect is really useful if you are the manager of a commercial activity, such as a restaurant or a bar, and you have an outdoor space provided. In that case you can use some cover models to be quiet.


Outdoor TV cover: materials and sizes

There are hundreds of models of outdoor TV covers on the market. Some are very essential, and have only a protection made of waterproof material, the standard size of a TV. These are canvas elements, equipped with hinges and which can be positioned or removed with a small gesture.

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In this case the protection is aimed only at bad weather. Some of these models of outdoor TV cases have a waterproof fabric on the back of the device, while on the front they have a plastic film, which is also waterproof. The advantage is that you can leave the cover fixed on the TV, without having to remove it every time. The disadvantage of this solution, however, is that the plastic sheet does not allow an optimal view of the screen.

The alternative, more valid and safe, is the cover made of steel, with one or two safety locks. In this case the cover is suitable for eradicating theft or vandalism. In addition, fans are installed inside the steel structure for avoid freezing during the winter months, and heat and overheating during the summer.

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There is also a very advanced version which provides that the protector can be left fixed on the device, as the front is made of glass and polycarbonate which reduces glare and allows an excellent view of the TV screen.


Both the first version and the advanced version are available for TV sizes widely available on the market, namely 42 ”, 47 “, 55″ or 52 ”, the most frequent case. However, some companies also make more grained or smaller models, depending on your needs. Aesthetics also plays a part. Because of this reason you can choose between models made in original, colorful patterns or even depicting paintings and images.

Protection for outdoor TV: prices

What is the price of an outdoor TV cover? It is easy to understand that since the various models are very different from each other, the price range fluctuates considerably.

For simple and essential models, which only have protection against humidity, rain and heat, the price starts at around 10 €.

As regards, however, fixed metal models, costs can reach a price of around € 300. On the other hand, this solution includes a double anti-theft security, thermal insulation and maximum performance.


DIY TV cover

It is not necessary to go to a dealer, in case you are looking for a TV cover that is simple and protects your device from dust and moisture. In this case you can make your own. The effectiveness will be reduced, but you will get a great job. to do this you will need to get a waterproof sheet, cut out the shape by taking the measurements of the device and sew them together on the inside, or use a special glue for fabrics.

Outdoor TV coverage: photos and images

Here with this photo gallery we show you the most interesting and complete models of outdoor TV covers.


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