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This surprising but at the same time frightening atmospheric phenomenon should not be underestimated. Because of its danger it is good to know it and prevent any consequences. Here are what precautions must be taken into consideration and which devices are suitable for making your home safe.


There is no place in which we can consider ourselves completely al Safe come on lightning. Statistically, they are more at risk elevated areas, then the hilly or mountain locations. But it is not difficult for one or more lightning strikes to strike flat areas or coastal during a thunderstorm, both in the colder seasons and in the summer ones.

L’power released by lightning is huge. The electric discharge created by this phenomenon can reach anintensity very high. Let’s talk about hundreds from thousands from ampere. At the same time, inside the lightning bolt, one is reached temperature so high to incinerate any element that is under its radius of action.

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It can indeed reach temperatures reaching up to 30,000 degrees Celsius. We also keep in mind that the surface temperature of the sun is 5507 degrees Celsius, from this we can guess the enormous power of the lightning.

For this reason, if lightning breaks down on a’dwelling who does not have the right and necessary protective devices, cause damage really huge as well as of course representing an enormous danger to people. We must therefore to protect Our Dear And ourselves from this powerful climate event, and we must protect ours home.


The importance of a lightning rod

Almost all of the buildings are now equipped with lightning rod, but let’s make sure however of his presence in case we need to acquire or rent one new home, is a detail that should not be underestimated.

If, on the other hand, we have one indipendent house, we buy special devices that can protect us. The lightning rod is a device that cannot be missing on the roof of any home, both private and public.


This device, invented by the US physicist Benjamin Franklin, attracts and disperses there download electricity generated by lightning. Very widespread is that stylus, consisting of aauction metal on which there are spikes in noble metal that attract L’electricity.

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The auction is then linked to gods dispersers placed in the ground, to allow electricity to pass through the tips of the device and disperse to the ground. Thanks to this, the destructive potential of lightning is canceled. Another type of lightning rod is the Faraday cage which is usually used on buildings Very large, how churches, basilicas, schools and shopping centers.


The SPD (Surge Protection Device)

THE damage that lightning can cause are multiple. The huge electric charge that accompanies them and the heat they give off, can threaten the safety of people, even causing them death, and the risk of fires it’s really very high.

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The use of the lightning rod protects us, but it is necessary to protect everything too what we own. Lightning strikes can cause problems electrical systems, irreparably damage electrical appliances and any electronic appliance we have in the house. The damage cheap could turn out very heavy, therefore it is necessary to prevent this type of event.

It will have happened to everyone, especially in the midst of a violent one thunderstorm summer, to stay at dark for a blackout. The sudden lack from current may cause damage to our appliances, above all televisions or computer.


For this reason it is advisable detach the cables from the current if a storm comes. What’s happening self it surprises us when we are not at home? At that point we will not be able to promptly secure everything that runs on electricity. For this reason it is important to install one unloader from overvoltage (SPD – Surge Protection Device).

It is a device which can also be applied to existing electrical systems. It does not require a large expense and guarantees one protection give it sudden changes of electric current. But be careful, if we are not used to work related to electrical systems, let’s trust to experts of the sector. A’installation uncorrectin fact, it could make the Surge Protection Device useless by doing us anyway go up of the damage.


Small and important tricks: scattered advice

If we do not have a Surge Protection Device, in the event of a storm, as already mentioned, we will have to take care of detach all the taken of current of our electrical appliances. Let’s not forget to disconnect the antenna cable as well TV or that of parable.

We detach the computer and do not forget to disconnect the cable of the ADSL network or LAN. The electric discharge of lightning can in fact also travel through the cables of telephone lines. For this reason it is inadvisable, during a storm, use the phone fixed, unless it is a cordless which therefore isolates us from the direct connection with the current.


Let’s not forget to disconnect Even the console for the video games. To avoid damage at the person, we close doors, windows and balconies. We avoid to use appliances with which we should be in direct contact, for example the hairdryer, the iron, the razor electric or thevacuum.

If possible, we avoid also the contact With the’water, we wait until the storm is over to wash the dishes and tidy up the kitchen or to give us a relaxing shower. L’water it is indeed a powerful one conductor from electricity. We also try to do not touch tubes, radiators, or whatever installations that have a direct external connection to our home.


They may seem like it precautions excessive, yet you will realize that it does not cost much effort to wait for the storm to pass, simply postponing everything that could represent a risk to a safer moment. Usually, above all in summer, the violent and sudden temporal which are accompanied by a large one concentration from lightning, they do not have a long shelf life.

Being struck by lightning, or being indirectly affected by it download electric, albeit weakened, can to cause of the problems from health very serious, we must not underestimate them. That is why it is essential to protect the home from lightning. To plan L’installation from devices therefore remains the best choice. In the face of a not too high expense, we will preserve our home, our assets and our family.


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