7 low-cost ideas

If you want to renovate your outdoor spaces but have a small budget, fear not! There are many ideas that you can realize with creative recycling: DIY furnishings, accessories and decorations. Discover with us how to decorate the garden on a budget: set your imagination in motion.

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Don’t give up on arranging your garden just because you have a low budget to invest: test yourself and give a new face to your outdoor with low-cost ideas. Now that summer has begun, live it at full speed by creating a comfortable environment where you can relax in peace or welcome friends in the garden for a party.

Several materials that you can use as well as projects to copy: green ideas that are good for pockets and the environment. How about taking a look at some projects? Start preparing the tools and you will be amazed at how many things you will be able to accomplish with simple materials and elbow grease! Let’s get started.

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1. Make flower beds with stones and sticks

First of all we make our garden presentable by taking care of the green. After cutting the grass and watering it properly to make it always grow luxuriant and strong, it is time for an extra attention from an aesthetic point of view. How to make the environment and the intimate atmosphere more welcoming? In a simple and natural way.

We suggest you stones to circumscribe the flower beds and reclaimed wood to create a fence with a rustic touch and why not add privacy to our lookout. How about you try?


2. Furnish the garden on a budget: pallets to furnish

If you want to test yourself as an outdoor decorator, all you have to do is recover some old wooden pallets and give them new life. There are really an infinity of projects for garden furniture and in this Pinterest offers us valuable help: benches, swings, armchairs, sofas and even coffee tables, ottomans and so on.

Make your outdoor spaces welcoming and, if you have the opportunity, do not skimp on the size of your furnishings: how about a corner sofa? Clean and smooth your pallets properly, choose the most suitable paint for outdoor spaces – resistant to hot and humid – and finally a touch of color suited. Don’t forget cushions to make sitting comfortable.

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3. An original coffee table

In front of your sofa, only one last piece of furniture is missing: a coffee table. You decide whether to always make it with pallets simply to be placed on the ground or by mounting practical wheels underneath more suggestive and intriguing, however, it is another idea of ​​recycling. You know a wooden reel for cables? Here you are! You will be the undisputed protagonist of this project.

Take a tour of the flea markets or go to some second-hand dealer and you will surely find some then roll up your sleeves and get to work. Our project is simple, leave the coil in its rustic beauty and cover it with glass but there are different colored alternatives and all beautiful and functional. Go on.

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4. Planter tires

In the garden you absolutely cannot forget a green touch so choose the most beautiful flowers and do not worry about the cost of the planters, whether small or large, there are more low cost alternatives than you can imagine.

Old boots, fruit crates, cups, glasses, umbrellas and so on and so forth. We want to surprise you by recovering some old tires that you will have no difficulty in finding from your trusted auto electrician. Add a pop of color: in warm earthy shades or preferring bolder colors, place your flowers at the center et voilà the garden will take shape.


5. Vertical vegetable garden with pallets

If, on the other hand, you are a true green thumb and follow the calendar for planting seasonal fruit and vegetables, do not miss the opportunity to create a vegetable garden in the garden. If you don’t have large spaces, a vertical vegetable garden is all you need and another pallet the ideal material.


6. Add color with the right textiles

As in all the projects we intend to carry out, it’s the details that matter for this do not get caught unprepared e create the ideal atmosphere by helping you with the right brushstrokes of color on the materials but also on the textiles.

Pillows, tablecloths, blankets are the ones that define your furniture. Dare with bold colors and you will put joy, creating a unique and lively mood. Browse some catalog or fetches scraps of cloth and the price will be small small.


7. A touch of light: DIY lanterns

Finally, we greet you with one last idea, live your spaces in the garden even in the evening and don’t leave your garden in the dark. The lanterns will create a warm, romantic and somewhat dreamy atmosphere, make some yourself with wooden boxes, tin cans or glass.

If you want to amaze: how about making balls of light? Twine and threads of led light with warm nuances will be intertwined as in an embrace and will surprise you and your guests.


Furnish the garden on a budget: photos and images

How about starting to furnish your garden with some of the ideas that we have proposed to you in the course of the article? Have fun and give your garden a new layout by letting yourself be inspired once again by some proposals that we have included in the following image gallery: let’s browse it together.


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