Outdoor pallet ideas – Interior and exterior decoration

Needless to say, we like everything to do with reuse wooden pallets. The truth is that this element does not cease to amaze us, when one believes that one has already seen all the existing ideas on the net, more appear, and the best thing is that one is more interesting than the other.

Ideas with outdoor pallets

This time we’ll share ideas with outdoor pallets. We love the possibilities these offer in creating outdoor furniture. It is always better to treat the wood and varnish or paint it. We loved this terrace where they have made a beautiful light blue coffee table and a yellow bench, combined with a beautiful carpet, cushions and other objects in bright colors. The whole thing looks beautiful!

Among the most common uses for wooden pallets there are the seats, especially armchairs, and tables, that’s why there are so many ideas to inspire us on the internet. If you don’t like bright colors, then look how good they look in natural color.

Outdoor pallets

The truth is that the possibilities are infinite, we can do many things with them. If we had a covered area in our courtyard we’re in luck, we could create a kind of room for meetings with family and friends.

Quincho with pallet furniture

We can also set up an outdoor lounge under a gazebo, as shown in the following picture, ideal for open-air parties!

Outdoor furniture with pallets

And what about this corner they’ve set up in this courtyard. In addition to a wooden deck made with pallets and those beautiful benches, have arranged three wooden pallets on the wall to hang flower pots, a very interesting detail.

Exterior decoration with pallets

If we have a covered porch or gallery we could be interested in an armchair and table with wheels like the one below. With good cushions they will surely be very comfortable!

Armchair with wooden pallets

Another use we can make of it is to limit spaces and even, why not, make perimeter fences with them. In this case they have arranged only one, to differentiate one space from the other, at the same time that from this one hangs a flowerpot with flowers and two lamps.

Patio pallets

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