More ideas with wooden pallets – Interior and exterior decoration

We know how much you like DIY furniturerecycling and, above all, the furniture made of pallets of wood. That is why we want to share in this article 10 ideas with pallets which, while in most cases not new, we know that the more options we have available to us, the better.

10 ideas with wooden pallets

For example, we have already shared some ideas for pallet bedsbut we loved these two ideas. These wooden platforms are ideal for use as a bed base. Depending on how many pallets we have we can get a higher or lower bed.

What we must take into account to give them this use is to be especially careful with the angles. Obviously we must first treat the wood by sanding it and then painting or varnishing it.


Another option we love is outdoor furniture on recycled pallets. Like for example this armchair for two people, with armrests and everything!


Although with this material there are no limits, as we can create a complete set of armchairs and table ideal for enjoying a back patio or garden.


And, to confirm that we can do more than we imagine with them, in the following image we see how a real wooden deck in a corner of the courtyard. Truly wonderful!


Continuing with the outdoor spaces we love the swings with recycled pallets. The truth is, for those with DIY skills, it’s hard to get bored with a few of these versatile items.



They are so versatile that with a little paint we can get a nice living room set for a country house.

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