Low Cost Decoration: Recycle Doors and Windows – Interior and Exterior Decoration

The low-cost decoration can give a lot of personality to our home. For example, we could take doors and old windows and restore them as new decorative pieces for our home. The options are many and varied. If you like the Low Cost decoration you’re in the right place.

Low Cost Decoration: Recycle Doors and Windows

We can, for example, use an old door as bed headboard. We will only have to look for a door whose measurements fit our mattress, although placing two small doors or the same batch in two is also a quite interesting option. As for the finish, although we can customize them as we like, the truth is that it would be a shame to use these elements without giving them a touch aged. Another option is to place the door lying down, to cover the full width of a two-seater bed.

Another alternative we love is to take an old window and use its frame to mount a DIY mirror. All we have to do is measure the back and order or find a mirror that fits. The result, as we can see, is most inspiring. If you are looking for more ideas for decorating with mirrors we invite you to visit an article where we talk about different types of decorative mirrors.

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Old barred windows can be a great decorative element in any room, such as a kitchen, for example. We love this one in particular, it is a window that could well belong to an Andalusian patio, in which we have chosen to hang two pots on its fence. Depending on the size of the window, we could turn it into a pot holder for one or two plants or, why not, if the window is large, into a real vertical garden.

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A large door can easily become a table for the kitchen or, why not, for the dining room. All we have to do is sand, paint and varnish, or maybe sand and give it a slightly older look. The result will be really interesting. It can also be a good place to have it as a help desk for when we have many visitors. In that case we take out our table door, put a couple of trestles from those folding doors and we have the solution to our “problem”.

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Another very interesting use that we can give to a door in disuse, especially if it is a two-leaf door, is that of a screen. Ideal for the bedroom, the dressing room or wherever you like. They are very practical for dividing up spaces. Maybe you’re one of those homeworkers and you have a small studio at home, well, in that case it will be very good for you to isolate yourself a little from the rest of the house.


If we are short of space, we can arrange a old door as if it were a shelf. We will only have to put up shelves and hooks and with little work and money we will have extra space to hang our belongings.


Going back to the bed headboards, here we have an interesting idea of how a bed headboard made with a single door arranged horizontally would look like.


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