Ideas for decorating with crochet – Interior and exterior decoration

The crochet is an art that our grandmothers knew how to handle perfectly. As we all know, a lot of decorative styles from other decades. With the crochet Something similar is happening; in recent years we have seen a growing admiration for these tasks that have returned to the homes of half the world.

Ideas for decorating with crochet

What can we crochet? Well, the truth is, a lot of things. We can, for example, create beautiful cushions and quilts of a thousand colors so that our bed does not become a boring place again.

If you’re a pouf lover and you’re good at crochetyou can try to make these comfortable auxiliary seats for your dining room. Elements that will serve as support when we have many visitors at home. But it should be noted that today in the market there are countless decorative items with this technique.

Poufs with crochet

Crocheted poufs

The colder ones will be able to get crocheted blanketswhich, in addition to providing warmth on cold winter evenings, will also decorate our sofas.

Matnas with crochet

Also, if we need a carpet, why not crochet it? We can’t deny that we love the result, creating a very personal and warm fabric for our bedroom.

Crocheted carpet

Crocheted carpet

Tired of getting burned every time you drink your coffee or tea? For this nothing better than these nice cloths to dress your cups. Now the breakfasts will be much more colorful and fun with these crochet covers.

Crochet Cup Covers

Mobile with crochet

Lamp made with crochet

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