Side Tables Made of Logs – Interior and Exterior Decoration

A while ago we offered some ideas for decorating with logsand if you follow us every day you must know how much we love everything recycle and give any object a second chance. Well, continuing with the same, we will share some ideas of side tables made of wooden logs, an alternative to skimp on the money and without resigning style.

Side tables made of logs

The wood in decoration always provides a natural look and organic to any room, especially when it comes raw timber. It’s interesting what we can do with a fallen tree. Especially side tables and seats, although with a little creativity we can achieve many more things.

We like very much the idea of placing several cut logs in the living room, to form a set of small tables that, in case we have enough guests, could be very useful to us. As you can see in the pictures, the raw wood adapts very well to any decorative style.

Coffee tables with logs

Side tables with logs

Another excellent idea is to put wheels on the base so that they can be moved around as needed.

Coffee tables with wooden logs

These recycled logs not only can they serve as a coffee table, they can also serve as a side table for any corner, where we could place a vase, a candle or a lamp.

Corner table with a trunk

Side tables with recycled logs

Another idea that we liked very much, although this will require the help of a carpenteris to cut the logs with a chainsaw and turn them into cubes. The result is very interesting. Depending on the effect we want to bring to our room, we can treat the wood more or less, leaving it completely natural.

Wooden logs for decoration

Tables with recycled logs

Needless to say, we can paint them in any color. For example, if it is a minimalist style apartment, for example, it will probably look very well painted in white. Anyway, the possibilities are many.

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