Create beautiful home candleholders – Interior and Exterior Decoration

Do you like candles? We love it as part of the decoration of a home. That’s why the Candleholders they fascinate us, too. We can buy them, but they are also elements that can be easily made at home with few materials. Do you know some models that are easy to make? In addition, we are close to the New Year’s Eve and the candles are ideal for Christmas decoration.

Create beautiful homemade candleholders

We can start with the typical tin candlesticks. All we need is a tin can that can hold a candle. We will create a handle, if we want, with wire, and we can perforate it to get some word or silhouette to decorate it. A little paint and that’s it. The result is really lovely.

If we find the typical metal cubes but in miniature, we can make a DIY as eye-catching as this one, a bucket with artificial moss in which to place a beautiful candle, no doubt a candlestick full of magic

Homemade candleholders

The glass we also like to create DIY candleholders. For example, we can take a small glass and decorate it on the outside with flowers or branches; the advantage of glass is that its visual lightness accepts all types of decoration.

Homemade candleholders

Candleholder with a glass and dry branches

One option that fascinates us is the use of bottles as holders. We can cut, with a special glass machine, the bottom of the bottle, creating an ideal cavity to protect our candle.

Candleholder with glass bottle

Wood can also give us good results. If we have the skill to carve it, we can look for a trunk and create small holes in its surface to place our sails, as we see in the following image.

Rustic candleholder with a trunk

Well-prepared pine cones can also be the ideal support for our candles.

Pineapple candleholders

But in addition, you can create candleholders with all kinds of materials, many of which would surprise us. For example, wine corks can be grouped together to wrap beautiful candles. In addition, the Christmas It will be different if we create candleholders with wires that can form thematic motifs for these dates.

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