Ideas with wooden boxes. Decoration with wooden crates.

It’s not the first time we’ve talked about decoration with wooden boxes. It’s just that we love decoration based on recycling. I’m sure you’ve noticed that by now. It’s just that we’re all convinced that it’s possible decorate with little money. That’s why here’s more ideas with wooden boxes or wooden crates.

More ideas with wooden boxes

We have probably already seen almost everything that to decorate with wooden crates but since they are handcrafted objects, there will never be two identical decorations. In addition, the goal is to provide you with these ideas to inspire you.

Lemonade stands for the little ones

We loved these typical lemonade stalls, and the little ones will surely love them. They are ideal for the play corner, or also for when they play in the garden with their friends. And if you’re organizing open-air children’s partywe recommend that you take into account these stalls for lemonade or juices. In addition to liking children, they are a very pretty party decorationDo you want more ideas with wooden boxes? Keep reading!

Lemonade stands with wooden boxes

Lemonade stand with wooden crates

Decoration of parties with wooden boxes

And speaking of party decorationwe found some ideas with wooden boxes that we loved. Ideal for outdoor parties, but could also be used indoors. We’ve seen them a lot in wedding decorationand the truth is, they look beautiful. In this case, the ideal thing is to use them to the natural one, without painting them, although painted in pastel tones they go very well to recreate vintage environments.

Decoration of parties with wooden boxes

Decoration of weddings with wooden boxes

Floral arrangements with wooden boxes

We love the floral arrangements in wooden boxes. In this case, they are usually smaller boxes, not the typical fruit ones. Although we’ve also seen floral arrangements with wooden huacales big ones. The combination of wood with the colorful flowers will give a special touch to your table. And once again, in case of painting the boxes, the pastel tones will be a success.

Flower arrangements in wooden boxes

Floral arrangements with wooden boxes

Wooden boxes in work areas

From the organization of parties to the seriousness of work. For those who are looking for storage space for a home officemaybe in these ideas with wooden boxes you will find the solution. Economical and easy to include. You can use them as a base for a desk with storage space, or as a storage cabinet on the side of the work table.

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