Waste separate collection

How to do separate collection: practical guide

And if you too could make an important contribution to the environment starting from small actions, would you like to know them all? Let’s start with a very important step that starts right in your home. Let’s learn together how to do separate collection. Read our handy guide to never go wrong again.

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Waste separate collection

More and more people, Nowadays, they begin to be aware of the importance of respecting certain rules and act for the good of the planet. It sounds strange but even if we have been talking about separate waste collection for half a century now, the data speak for themselves underlining how in Italy we are still far from the desired standards.

We are 65% of the value of differentiated waste compared to the total, far from 100 but still virtuous with a marked improvement from year to year. However, while for some waste we are proceeding swiftly with the sorting, for others we are still behind: what to do? Let’s learn together how to do separate collection starting from the most common errors and then looking at the single class of waste. Are you ready? Here we go.

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Trash for recycle and reduce ecology environment

Mistakes not to make

What you absolutely must avoid doing when proceeding with separate collection is to do it quickly and without knowing the rules well. There are those who still throw the receipts with banana peels and those who, to improve the environment in which we live, carefully read the labels on each product and give them correctly.

Let’s go together, from material to material, and we learn to do our part too and not to make mistakes anymore. If you still have unclear ideas and some doubts about where to properly dispose of waste, please read our short guide below.


How to do separate waste collection

Among the first waste that we must learn to differentiate we find those that will be conferred in the wet. Let’s find out together which ones: food remains, fruit peels, tea bags, coffee grounds, plants, flowers and so on.

Remember that if you have a nice garden with them you can make compost to better fertilize and support your green thumb. Let’s move on to glass.


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How to do the separate collection of glass

One of the most common mistakes made in making separate glass collection it is also throwing old light bulbs, broken dishes or mirrors into it: nothing could be more wrong!

In it only glasses should be given, jars and vases strictly in glass: all clean and dry in order to recycle them in the best possible way. What about plastic? Let’s see how to do it together.


How to do the separate collection of plastic

Plastic, to begin with, is the most ductile and recyclable material that exists, you just have to remember to wash and dry every plastic object you are going to throw away. Make way for plastic bags, bottles, containers, jars of yogurt, bottles of detergents and all wrapping which are used to pack sweets and snacks, for example.

Instead, everything that is dirty will end up straight into the undifferentiated: let’s discover together what else to confer (and not to confer) in it.


What to throw in the undifferentiated

Old toys, dirty plastic dishes, dishes in ceramic broken, cutlery, glasses dirty, diapers, greasy pizza cartons, dirty paper, mirrors, vacuum cleaner bags, toothbrushes, razor blades and so on and so forth.

Put them on all in the undifferentiated and know that there is no chance for them to be recycled or reused.


How to do the separate collection of paper

There paper collection it is quite simple just follow a few simple instructions:

  1. try to pick it up inside a carton larger and not in plastic bags
  2. flatten each package well that you are going to insert inside.

Which? Boxes of biscuits, cardstock, paper, cardboard, tetrapak, notebooks, egg packs, newspapers and much more.

Cropped Hand Of Woman Putting Plastic Bag In Dustbin

How to do the separate collection of aluminum

If until now everything has gone smooth as oil as we put it with aluminum: where is it thrown? Well, remember it first he never confers alone but, according to the indications of your municipality, it usually goes with glass or plastic.

Aluminum is very precious therefore always separate it from other materials and be careful not to waste anything: yoghurt pot lids, caps, spray cans, trays and various cans, it doesn’t matter if they are clean as long as they are empty. 100% recyclable.


Batteries and drugs

Exhausted batteries and expired drugs will go straight to the gray bins which are usually found near tobacconists and pharmacies. Never throw them in the garbage you have at home, the environment will be grateful to you.

We conclude our guide with the delivery of bulky waste: how is it correct to proceed?


Bulky waste

Furnishings, washing machines, refrigerators, mattresses, beds, sofas etc.. they deserve one more attention ed a special treatment for proper disposal.

Usually the Municipality provides a number to contact for the withdrawal in the house or in any case there are ecological islands where you can go with the bulky ones.


How to do separate collection: photos and images

With our short guide we hope that now you no longer have any doubts about how it is the right way to act, always consult the information provided by your Municipality of residence and, finally, take a last look at the gallery of images that follows.

Memorize the symbols that distinguish each material and good recycling for everyone!


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