Properly cleaning the sink drain in the kitchen: here are the steps

Practical and effective tips for flawlessly cleaning the kitchen sink drain. All the steps that must be followed to prevent the drain from giving off bad smells, which are not very pleasant for a convivial environment such as the kitchen. Here’s what you need to do to properly clean the kitchen drain.


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There kitchen it is the centerpiece of every home, it must always be clean is tidy. The aforementioned is one of the rooms where you spend the most time, especially to prepare tasty dishes for your family. Having cooked a tasty lunch and sharing it is a must to wash the dishes and the crockery.

Unless you have a dishwasher, even then you have to clean it well, you have to wash them in the sink, where punctually some residue of food remains and slips into pipes, going to break the balance.


This causes countless problems, first of all it clogs it discharge and allows the leakage of smells unpleasant that in the kitchen just do not have to be. For to clean the kitchen drain there are a lot of products on the market, but if you do not have them available you can opt for gods remedies do-it-yourself, equally effective and above all inexpensive.

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Cleaning the drain: do-it-yourself methods

There cleaning of the discharge of the kitchen sink is very important, there are different steps that you can follow, first of all to buy specific products and pour them into the pipes. This road, although the simplest to follow, is the most expensive, because these products certainly not I’m cheap. To remedy this is possible take other roads, using methods do it yourself and above all natural products.

Baking Soda

For to clean correctly it discharge of your sink kitchen you can use:

  • baking soda with vinegar and hot water
  • citric acid with bicarbonate and hot water
  • salt with baking soda and hot water.

Furthermore, to make it extremely fragrant and therefore remove the bad smells, you can pay the juice of two lemons diluted with hot water, in this way the dirt will dissolve and the bad smells will disappear. Now let’s go through the steps to follow in order to clean the kitchen drain.


Clean the drain: required

To make a complete cleaning you do not need too much material, it is necessary to havehot water he was born in bicarbonate, vinegar or salt, in short, elements present in anyone’s homes. Baking soda has the power of cleanse and eliminate dirt and excess grease and is perfect because it is effective against stubborn encrustations.

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L’vinegar has a power disinfectant so it is suitable for cleaning pipes and remove the bads smells, so the vinegar and baking soda blend is the perfect combo to clean the sink drain flawlessly.


First step: general cleaning

Before starting work, you need to prepare what you need, wear gloves and a mask and then start cleaning. The first step it is quite simple, it consists in making one general cleaning of the sink, eliminating the superficial dirt then all of those residues of visible food. After having cleaned the entire surface of the sink in a general way, put on the gloves and proceed, take the necessary items and start. Read on to find out how.


Second step: thorough cleaning

The second step allows you to carry out a thorough cleaning, capable of giving new life to your drain pipes. The first thing to do is heat up about a liter ofwater. While this begins to boil you can prepare what you need, then a glass of vinegar is one of bicarbonate. can to merge vinegar and baking soda to form a fairly liquid mixture and then pour it within the discharge.


Later it is necessary to pour the water previously heated in order to leave everything to act. By doing so, the dirt will dissolve, the bad smells will be neutralized and it will discharge it will return to being functional, clean and fragrant. You can redo this process using the salt instead of vinegar orcitric acid. These solutions they are equally effective, you just have to try!


Secret to an always clean exhaust

The secret to make a drain always clean consists inmake these steps described above more times to the month. It is important on a daily basis to pour inside the pipes of thehot water perhaps with the addition of juice of lemon: in this way the fat in the pipes will melt and the lemon will give that pleasant scent of citrus fruits camouflaging any odors.

Obviously, to avoid clogging the drain you have to pay attention mostly when you wash the dishes, that’s when grease and food residues clog your pipes, so beware!

Hand in protective glove with rag cleaning kitchen equipment.

Properly cleaning the sink drain in the kitchen: pictures and photos

We wrote this article to give you some practical advice, which you can implement right away and will allow you to clean your kitchen sink drain thoroughly. This gallery of images will make you want to clean your kitchen sink even more, because it will immediately look cleaner and will certainly not give off unpleasant odors.


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