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How to clean and sanitize the washing machine

Why is it necessary to clean and sanitize the washing machine? How to do it right? Here are the most effective natural remedies to clean and disinfect every part of your washing machine.

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What our life would be like without the washing machine? Such an important and essential household appliance deserves all ours attentions, to make it work always correctly, guaranteeing at the same time a laundry clean, fragrant and sanitized.

But how to clean and sanitize the washing machine in a really effective way? THE natural remedies can give us a great hand: here’s how to use them best, to remove dirt and limescale in all its parts.

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Why clean the washing machine?

Generally it is thought that the washing machine is a self-cleaning appliance, because using it we consider that normal daily washing is sufficient to keep it clean. The reality is quite different: wash after wash, there our washing machine accumulates dirt e residues of detergent, which turn into mold and limescale, very harmful for the laundry and for the washing machine itself.

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The result? Bad smelling laundry and a washing machine that works hard, consuming more than necessary. Furthermore, limestone it tends to accumulate in internal components of the appliance, and this ne compromises inevitably operation, also reducing its performance level.

Then, if you want that your washing machine always works properly, you have to absolutely devote special attention to her and make occasional washes, aimed at his cleaning and disinfection. But how should a washing machine be cleaned? Here’s how to do it!

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How to clean and disinfect the washing machine naturally

To obtain an impeccable result with a low environmental impact, there is no more effective solution than natural products. This choice should be privileged, because natural remedies leave no traces and odors, which could compromise the success of the laundry; moreover, using the ingredients we have in the pantry costs nothing.

Yes, it’s true, they exist on the market already gods products very good for cleaning the washing machine, but they are chemical pollutants that can be used only occasionally, approx every 6 months. Instead, the washing machine should be washed once a month: this is why it is better to use natural products that still offer excellent results.

In short, the so-called grandmother’s remedies they are ours best cleaning allies, because they offer maximum yield with minimum expense. But what are the ingredients?

  • White vinegar: natural descaler and disinfectant, with exceptional softening properties;
  • bicarbonate: descaler, disinfectant and sanitizer;
  • Marseille soap: degreaser, softener and detergent, ideal for the external components of the washing machine;
  • essential oil of lemon or lavender: they are fantastic natural allies, known for their disinfectant properties and the fresh scent they release.

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How to clean the drum

It should wash the drum once a month. In fact, this is where most of the germs proliferate, which come into contact with our clothes to be washed with each wash. If you notice that the laundry does not smell fresh, despite a cycle at high temperatures, it means that it is time to intervene:

  1. pour a glass of vinegar e a tablespoon of baking soda in the tray of the detergent. Before setting the washing machine to vacuum wash, add another glass of vinegar directly in the basket. If you wish, you can also pour a few drops of essential oil of your choice, including lavender and lemon;
  2. tax the washing machine at 60 ° and when the washing is finished open the door and let it dry the interior;
  3. for a deeper cleaning against limescale, do a special wash every three months. Pour a liter of vinegar into the empty basket and set the wash at 90 °. After 5 minutes, pause the washing machine and wait half an hour, before restarting the complete cycle.

If the basket should still turn out smelly, can spray on the walls a solution of water and lemon at least half an hour before the usual laundry. Always remember to leave the door open, to prevent stagnant water and humidity from being trapped until the next laundry.

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How to clean the gasket

In addition to vinegar and al bicarbonate, you will also need the juice of a lemon. Mix the three ingredients until a thick paste is obtained, slightly grainy: spread it along the seal external e rubs the most difficult to reach areas with the help of a toothbrush unused.

Leave it to act for a few minutes and rinse with a microfiber cloth, until all traces of the batter are completely eliminated. To prevent the gasket from wearing out prematurely and stagnant water from turning into mold, dry the grooves with a sheet of blotting paper every time you finish a wash.

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How to clean the filter and bowl

Once a month it is necessary to disassemble the filter to remove all accumulated dirt. Before doing so, however, unplug from the current e place a basin and some rags on the ground, to collect excess water which will inevitably escape one time that you will have Open the flap where it is placed the filter.

At this point take it out from the drawer and wash it under running water current, to eliminate surface dirt. In a basin of water mix vinegar and baking soda in equal parts e leave the filter to soak for a few hours. When it is completely clean, wipe off the excess water with a dry cloth and place it back in its housing.

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To clean the tray from detergent encrustations, just pull it out from his accommodation e leave it to soak for half an hour in a solution consisting of 500 ml of white vinegar, two tablespoons of baking soda and hot water. After the necessary time has elapsed, it will be sufficient to rinse it under running water to see it shine again.

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How to remove limescale

The limestone it is caused by stagnation water which over time tends to encrust both the internal parts of the washing machine and the pipes. This happens especially in presence of hard water, where the massive presence of calcium carbonate tends to solidify and corrode the surfaces.

To delete effectively limestone, need carry out a wash special with empty load at least Once a month: pour in the tray of the detergent half a glass of white vinegar, taking care to reserve part of it also for the softener compartment.

In the basketinstead, you will have to pay 500 ml of vinegar and two tablespoons of baking soda. Select the wash for the heads of cotton, setting the temperature at 60 °; at the end of the cycle if you want can to repeat the operation of Flushing, to eliminate any trace of bicarbonate from the basket.

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Cleaning the washing machine: pictures and photos

Cleaning and sanitizing your washing machine has never been easier! With the right products and a few small tricks, you can get incredible results at no cost: browse the images in the gallery and see how.


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