How to choose the air fryer

Frying without oil seemed unthinkable, but then the air fryer made it possible. This appliance has allowed us to follow a healthier diet, without sacrificing good taste. If you too want to revolutionize your kitchen, here’s how to choose the air fryer!


The air fryer was a turning point in the kitchen, has made it possible to cook much healthier food without having to give up good taste. In conclusion, it can be reduced a lot oil e continue to to eat however of the food fried.

In many who were initially skeptical, after trying it are changing their minds and are increasingly those who they are buying this appliance.

However, it is important to choose carefully the template more suitable. Much depends on your needs, but there are some aspects that are always good to consider.


What is an air fryer and how to use it

The air fryer is an appliance that is changing the way of cooking. The main reason is due to the fact that allows to reduce drastically the quantities of oil that are used in the kitchen.

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This because works through a powerful jet of hot air who can fry food. Not only that, the air fryer can he also be used for grilling or roasting.

Vegetables, fish and meat can be prepared. Some more advanced models even allow you to bake some types of cakes or even bread.


Choose the right size

As with all appliances, there is no single type of air fryer, but there are several models. These they differ between them for several features and one of them are the size.

To understand whether to choose a larger model or a smaller one, you have to to consider first of all use what if you want to do it. Obviously, if you have to cook for many people and plan to use it a lot, it’s better opt for one Fryer air more great.

Self, eg, you want to prepare several things at the same time, we then recommend to choose a model with double basket, so that the food can be separated.

However, before you take a large air fryer, evaluated good too the space that you have available in the kitchen. This appliance, in fact, it needs to be plugged in, and must be placed on a stable support, like a counter.

According to your needs, evaluated then also how to load the basket. Indeed, some models have the basket that opens vertically, if you have wall units, check that they are not in the way. Alternatively, others have the basket that it is extracted horizontally.

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Check the possible programs

Another feature that distinguishes air fryers are the programs among which it’s possible to choose. Not all foods, in fact, cook in the same way and at the same temperature.

Each program is designed for cooking a food optimally, setting the jet of air more or less strong based on what you are cooking.

A good air fryer, therefore, must allow you to be able differentiate cooking at least for fish, meat and vegetables and consequently have at least three different programs.

Furthermore, some can be set to turn food automatically. This way you don’t have to do it yourself.

Obviously, the greater the programs available to the air fryer, more will be the ways in which you can to cook a food.


Consider the convenience of the air fryer

A good air fryer must also be practical and this is true from various points of view. For example, it would be better to choose a model equipped with handles so you can move it more easily.

Furthermore, no less important from to consider is there wire length. Considering that it must be connected in current, a long enough wire is certainly more practical.

But practicality also means that there our air fryer should be easy to wash. The best solution in this case are those that can be disassembled that allow you to wash the individual parts separately.

Finally, to prevent odors from spreading while cooking, of course it is an advantage if the air fryer it is equipped with an anti-odor filter.


Look at the accessories

Although they may seem secondary, in reality the accessories are very important when buying an air fryer. These, in fact, allow you to cook different types of food. For example, skewers and grill are needed for cooking meat.

They can also be bought separately, but surely have them already included is better. The same is true also for a separator.

Also, it is good that your air fryer is equipped with a cookbook. Sara very helpful to show you the most suitable programs for the various foods.


How to choose the air fryer: pictures and photos

In the following gallery you can see different types of air fryers. Do not hesitate to scroll through the images to understand what it is and to see the different models!


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