Furnishing your home in Scottish style: design to show off

Making the right furniture at home can be a really interesting journey made of tradition and innovation, of materials and fabrics capable of enveloping you in a warm embrace. If you love Scotland and want to furnish your home in the Scottish style, feel free to follow our suggestions below. Ideal colors, patterns and fabrics: let’s start together.


To experience the magic of distant places, it is not necessary to move from home, the important thing is to recreate the right atmosphere by introducing the charm of those places into it with some elements designed ad hoc. Today we at Home and Garden we will take you to Scotland in search of a very ancient tradition and of one rich furnishing style, elegant and enveloping.

How about following some useful guidance? Recreate the perfect style and an unmistakable atmosphere with:

  • warm colors: reds, blues and greens
  • tartan pattern chess
  • natural materials: wood, leather, leather
  • symbolisms everywhere.

Let’s see now, room after room, how it is possible to decline this style without overloading it too much and thus obtaining an unwelcome effect. Let’s see some proposals together. Are you ready? Let’s start with the kitchen.

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Furnishing your home in a Scottish style: the kitchen

The kitchen is the ideal environment to recreate as well as in form also in substance the flavors of the Scottish tradition. Choose furnishings that are primarily handcrafted and tailor-made for you, antique and precious woods, better if dark with some details that can make the difference. Which?

Let’s start with the table, true and undisputed protagonist of the environment. A nice chandelier centrally arranged, imposing and elegant, with tartan details with red and white stripes. Let’s move on to textiles.

How about adding a touch of Scotland at the windows? Curtains always in classic tartan with an alternation of bright and soft colors so as not to weigh down the environment and in addition a game of seductive contrasts. Ceramic handles and enveloping seats with cushions in perfect Scottish style they will complete the look of your kitchen. Let’s move to the living room.


The Scottish style living room: some ideas

How to furnish the beating heart of the house in this style? Welcome your guests as they would across the Channel: leather sofa with a worn look, lamps with a slightly retro and tartan taste everywhere. On wallpaper, in the squares on the walls, on cushions and plaids to display: must of this style takes shape in this room with this checked pattern but not only.

Among the decorations to add to embellish the environment with elegance we find: some memorabilia, figurines and ornaments that recall nature, hunting and one animal in particular. The terrier dog and it is immediately Scotland. Have fun mixing materials and textures even in different colors to create your style: unique and unmistakable. It’s time to rest: let’s go to the bedroom.

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A little bit of Scotland in the bedroom

Do not miss a Scottish touch even in the bedroom and, if it is easy to reproduce it thanks to tartan fabric blankets, throws and pillows, an original idea to propose it is to opt for a headboard upholstered in this pattern. Choose shades of blue and green for a better rest and thus create an ideal environment inspired by calm and relaxation.

At the windows, to avoid unnecessarily overloading the environment with completely tartan fabrics, choose a color inspired by Scotland, and add a tartan curtain stop.

Solid wood bedside tables with a marble top clear and vintage applique (perhaps with tartan details) are the ideal solution for this room.

If you can cut out your own corner with an armchair, complete with a blanket ready to warm you up, and a small bookcase where you can draw on texts to enjoy your moments of relaxation. We conclude our trip to Scotland with the most intimate room in the house: the bathroom.


Furnishing your home in a Scottish style: the bathroom

Also in the bathroom a Scottish touch cannot be missing, but how to structure it without making a mistake? Find the right balance and start with it choose the color carefully, which will be the leitmotif of this room. Then proceed with adding small details: are you curious to discover any of them?

We suggest you:

  • white ceramic
  • tartan shower curtain
  • a single wall in the same fantasy.

Finally add a green touch and you will get closer to the Scottish atmosphere: let yourself be enveloped by nature. The final result will surprise you in a pleasant way.


Furnishing a Scottish style home: photos and images

Try to immerse yourself in the magic of Scotland with our suggestions and add some extra touches: exposed beams, velvet chairs and a study corner will complete your home with the right charm. Explore our image gallery below for more inspiration – how about copying some ideas?


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