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If there is a topic that our readers and followers like very much, it is all that has to do with the low cost decoration. Every time we share an article with ideas to decorate with little moneywe notice that they share it a lot on social networks. We hope this is not the exception.

Decorating with little money: interesting ideas

We’ve already shared a lot about this subject, and it’s no wonder, with so many years that we’ve been on the net, but new and original ideas are always appearing, which we love to share. Here are some proposals we hope you will be inspired.

DIY mirrors for decoration

We love mirrors, especially when it comes to do-it-yourself pieces. For example, we can see this interesting mirror frame made of wood, which could well be pallet wood, ideal for a rustic bathroom.

Mirror frame made with pallets

And continuing with the rustic decorationWe found this great mirror, ideal for a foyer, made with a recycled door, to which the crystals have been changed for mirrors. What do you think? And if it’s aged wood, so much the better!

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Mirror made with recycled door

Wallpaper to save money

If there’s a resource to decorate with little money interestingly enough, it’s the wallpaper. We can, for example, create a nice bed headboard with a floral wallpaper. We can also cover the kitchen wall. However, in this case we should get a wallpaper with vinyl finish, suitable for wet areas.

Wallpaper with flowers as bed headboard

Flowery kitchen wallpaper

Tables with recycled cable reels

There’s really nothing new about this. We’ve even published a full article with ideas for tables made with reels. But we were delighted with these three proposals. In the first image they have used one of the sides of the coil to make 4 legs. In the second we see a real coffee table for the living room, with three legs with wheels. And in the third they have cut the bovine along, ideal for a small table for the foyer.

Auxiliary table with recycled cable reel

Mouse table made with cable reel

Auxiliary table for the receiver made with a cable spool

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