6 original side table ideas – Interior and Exterior Decoration

Would you like to complete the decoration of your house with something original and different? Are you looking for ideas to decorate with little money? Side tables can become great allies in achieving such a purpose. However, we encourage you to escape conventionality. We bring you a series of ideas to achieve side tables original and unique.

6 original side table ideas

Fortunately, there are many resources. From pure wood to concrete blocks. Creativity will be your best tool. Look at all the ideas we bring you and if you like them do not hesitate to use them.

Boxes for your tables

The wooden crates are fashionable. Many recognize them as the new pallets; and that is that even IKEA took out models that mimic the wooden fruit boxes of a lifetime. They are useful to hang on the wall, to place them inside shelves, but also for create side tables. Yes, you can take these boxes and leave them on the floor, or incorporate them from legs to wheels. With a simple wooden box you will get interior space to store objects and a surface to place from a lamp to a telephone.

Side table with wooden box

Wooden box as side table

Lifelong pallets

They are already classics, but even so, can not fail to appear on a list like this, and is that a wooden pallet or platform can serve to create the most beautiful side table you can imagine. Sand the wood, paint it white or any other color and do not forget to place a glass on top to be able to support your objects without problem. They are not difficult to find, and if you have problems getting one you can always go to specialized companies that are dedicated to marketing them.

Side tables with wooden pallets

Side table with wooden pallets

Pure wood

Wood is still present in this option. However, far from having a definite shape, we are going to focus on side tables made of logs. Yes, with logs. It doesn’t matter if you sand them or paint them, but if you leave them in their original shape, you’ll get a different side table with an incredible natural touch.

Side table with trunk

Small table made with a trunk

Recovering old coils

We love tables made with recycled cable drums. The larger ones are not easily found, but if you have the opportunity to get one, don’t miss it. As you can see in the images, the resulting pieces are great for environments from rustic to Nordic. Líjalas and paint them and if you want, add a glass so that its surface can be used better.

Auxiliary table with recycled cable reel

Mouse table with cable reel

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