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How to beautify the garden in March? Ideas, solutions and creative projects to decorate the spring-themed outdoor. With these proposals – even DIY – your garden will never have been so beautiful: find out how to embellish it.


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March, come back there spring season and brings with it all the smells, colors and beauty of flowers. And what is the ideal place to grow lush buds? The garden, of course, which in this season is the woodworm of many. In fact, with the return of summer and the first good sun rays, a lot of time is spent a think about how to beautify the outdoors to enjoy the beautiful days and warm evenings for a long time together with friends and relatives who will arrive from here on.

To have a fantastic garden not serve big expenses, why attention to detail, creativity is do-it-yourself they can help you beautify your garden like a pro. But if you run out of ideas, can follow these tips: we have selected for you a collection of ideas and projects to decorate your home garden with style.

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How to beautify the garden in March: premise

It may seem obvious – we assure you it is not – but there first thing to do when you intend to beautify the garden is to evaluate the interior design style of the house to create coherence between inside and outside. There are many styles that can also be reproduced in the garden and of course we want the outdoor to reflect the indoor.

Premise made, here are all the ideas we have for you.


Beautify the garden in March: decorate

A decoration project not can he regardless obviously from a furniture project: everything starts from choice gods furnishings. Chairs, armchairs, a table maybe built in wicker will express at best a taste and one style particular to your garden.

Also don’t forget the parasols, which in addition to being aesthetically nice, furnish with functionality: umbrellas, curtains, gazebos they are the evergreens of a garden, because protect from the sun at morning and humidity that falls there evening.


Decorate with lanterns

Important in the garden is certainly lighting. In addition to a traditional lighting project can use the lanterns to combine useful with pleasure. The lanterns donate immediately a romantic touch to the garden self positioned long a small path or for create soft lighting thanks to the candles inside them: a pinch of elegance that everyone will like it.

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Zen garden

If you are a lover of exotic style, you can donate to your garden a oriental character transforming it in a real “zen garden”Where relaxation and meditation are the watchwords.

To beautify the garden in this style you will need prefer plants with almost pastel colors is use decorations in bamboo, the favorite material of Zen style. Using there gravel, creates gods small paths that favor long walks and moments of total meditation and relaxation.


Beautify the garden with aromatic herbs

The herbs they find in your garden the right place intoxicating all the space with their typical smells. You can choose from all the herbs you prefer: rosemary, thyme, basil, parsley, marjoram from plant or to be placed inside plant holder or pot holder in wood or in Stone. Nobody will be able to resist the scent they emanate, not even the small inhabitants of the earth, such as cicadas, which will accompany your evenings singing under the stars.


Shabby chic garden

Always very trendy, loved by all, obsession of many, lo shabby style entered (or left?) also in home garden where it can create a delicate corner to spend time.

The dictates of style also apply in the garden: shabbat furniture, pillows quilted, pastel shades. They complete the whole fresh flowers positioned on a table in pickled wood to make your shabby garden even more romantic.


How to beautify the garden in March: four DIY ideas

We mentioned fun and creative DIY ideas to beautify the garden. You we propose four: fantasy and a good deal of dexterity it will be all you need, plus some recycled materials and some work items. In addition to being a good way to spend time, it will be really satisfying to admire your creation will donate to the your garden a very personal touch.


1. Flower holder with wooden boxes

We said it: flowers are indispensable in a beautiful garden. If you don’t like traditional flowers, bring flowers commercial but you love creative recycling you can use the boxes for there fruit like planters.

In reality, fruit crates are objects very versatile so it is easy to transform into decorative elements. can leave them natural or paint them with colors that you like best: if so style chosen is that shabby paint them of White or beige but if you want one more rustic style let the wood do its job and enjoy your beautiful planters.


2. Glass flasks as a planter

A variant of the previous one idea foresees the use of vases, bottles is flasks of glass as planters inside which create of the compositions beautiful from place around around. can paint them, decorate them with twine and ribbons or use them like this: follow your imagination.


3. Colored stones as decorative elements

This idea is really at no cost: the idea is that of recover around of the stones of various sizes and color them with tempera. A work that you can play with the little ones that will give your garden many flashes of different colors that will capture the attention of anyone who enters it.


4. Vertical gold

A very cool idea to beautify the garden in March is to build a vertical vegetable garden. If you’ve never heard of it, don’t worry, it’s nothing you can’t to achieve easily.

Using gods old pallets creates a structure from hang on the wall or from support to sheltered of a vertical surface, place flowers, plants aromatic that you prefer, ed you will have the your very own garden at no cost as well as a decorative element really interesting.


How to beautify the garden in March: pictures

To review the images on how to beautify the garden in March, browse the gallery and let yourself be inspired by our ideas.


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