10 Spring Cleaning Ideas

Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to reorganize the house and the first heat is the ideal time to do it. In this article, we at Home and Garden want to offer you some useful ideas for some work to be done at home in March. It’s no longer time to postpone: let’s roll up our sleeves and get started!

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If you mind cleaning the house thoroughly every time you decide to do the cleaning: fear not, you are in good company! Maybe that’s also why they were designed spring cleaning. A period, with the arrival of the first heat, to dedicate to this and March is the right month to kick off the dances.

A period that in nature coincides with that of rebirth but not only in nature. We too wake up from the lethargy that has kept us dormant during the winter and we are ready to face the long days that await us with a new spirit. If you are bothered by the clutter around the house and you want to change your interior armed with goodwill and the right planning to act. Password is organization.

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1. Cleaning the windows

Let’s start with the glass. What could be more beautiful than admiring out the windows and fully enjoying the panorama and nature in bloom through shining glass? Well, even if it should be a chore, this month dedicate yourself to this operation in more depth: including fixtures!

Your best allies will be a soft microfiber cloth, ofwarm water and a neutral soap. Abrasive sponge and products containing solvents must be absolutely banned. Let’s move on to the second tip.


2. Washing of the tents

A fundamental operation to do to give your home a clean and tidy look is to remove, at the same time as cleaning the windows, your curtains. Over time they will have accumulated dust and especially pollen which in this month begin to roam freely even in the city.

USA always gods neutral soaps to keep them new for longer, a good fabric softener to release the right fragrance and, if you really don’t feel like ironing them, a little trick is to spread them damp. The water will do the rest: seeing is believing.


3. Cleaning the chandeliers

How about giving new light to your interiors by proceeding to thorough cleaning of chandeliers, wall lights and ceiling lights what do you have around the house? We are ready to give you the right advice, are you ready to copy them all? Take a pen and paper as well.

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The secret lies in prevention with antistatic sprays that avoid the accumulation of dust on the surfaces then with an ad hoc product, spray or gel, you can proceed with the actual cleaning. Remember, at the end, to rinse and dry properly.


4. Order in drawers and cupboards

If you are already projected towards the change of season and you’re thinking of doing some cleaning around the house, start right from your closet. We all have a few drawers that explode or a door that won’t close.

Take advantage of the beautiful days to empty, to clean and throw away (or give) what you no longer need. Doing healthy decluttering helps – take your time.


5. Thorough cleaning in the kitchen

It is time to give a look at the kitchen. Where we peel, fry, roast our favorite foods every day, don’t let dirt accumulate everywhere. For a more thorough cleaning, we recommend that you empty the cabinets, clean, throw away what you don’t use and rearrange everything.

Proceed with the suitable detergent e then focus on the hood and refrigerator: the perfect recipe is green with water and vinegar in equal parts.


6. Thorough cleaning in the bathroom

In the bathroom where we clean the toilets every day – toilet, bidet and shower – March offers the right opportunity to make one more thorough maintenance.

Check the drains and take action before it’s too late. Do it mechanically with a spiral or chemically with a drain cleaner, preferably natural. Try pouring the still hot cooking water from the potatoes down the drain and you will notice the difference. Let’s move now to the bedroom.


7. In the bedroom: watch out for mattresses and pillows

Is there always work to do in this room: glass, curtains, wardrobes, drawers and the mattress? A thorough cleansing to rest better is the right way to proceed.

Start by removing the mattress cover and washing it in the washing machine then, with the vacuum cleaner, dust the surface and, taking advantage of the beautiful days, expose it to the sun, finally washing it with a solution of water and bicarbonate. You will thoroughly sanitize it by eliminating mites, bacteria and molds.

Don’t forget the pillows some of which you can put directly in the washing machine.

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8. Children’s room

In the children’s room any season is good for do some order. With the arrival of spring and the desire to move outside, take the opportunity to take stock of the situation and make room.

Eliminate the unnecessary donating or throwing away some games that your children no longer use: finding them a new accommodation will be child’s play!

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9. Cleaning baseboards

An action that is often sent back to the home or neglected in a serial way is the cleaning the baseboard. How about moving some furniture and proceeding? The simplest way it’s fast is to pass the vacuum cleaner along the edge then proceed with a damp cloth along the entire length.

Et voilà they will come back as new, room after room.


10. Care of outdoor spaces

Let’s get ready for spring even in the garden or terrace: if the weed cleaning has already started the previous month, now it’s time to loosen the soil a little.

Buy new vases for an interesting but above all change of look it is harvest time, sowing and planting of some shoots. Keep all your gardening tools next to you and keep up the good work.


Housework to be done in March: photos and images

These that we have listed are just some of the jobs to be done at home in March, many other occasions – on closer inspection – are waiting for you around the house. Be inspired by some images we have selected for you: there is always something to do in every room.


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