What to do if you find a lizard in the house

What to do if you find a lizard in the house? The first thing is not to panic, they are not dangerous for humans. But here are many useful tips to know how to behave in case this reptile should come to visit us!


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The lizards they are not among the most loved animals, but it is good to point out that anyway they are not dangerous for humans. Either way, it’s understandable to want to kick them out if they enter the house.

The first thing to do is try to don’t let them escape. Then you have two options, you can try to get them out, or to catch them for then free them out. Let’s see in detail what to do.


Are lizards dangerous?

Self never should a lizard enter the house, the first thought of all would be to remove it. In fact, it is still a reptile and not everyone is a lover of these animals. Indeed, many people are truly terrified of it.

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However, before you get alarmed and panic, it is good to know that the lizards they are not harmful, at least not for us humans. Indeed, they feed on insects and they won’t even think of biting us.

Furthermore, it is important to point out that I’m not not even poisonous, so we are in no danger. Then, you have surely noticed that they run away quickly if they sense the presence of the man, then they are the ones who are afraid of us.

In short, a lizard in the house is absolutely not dangerous, on the contrary could help us get rid of annoying insects. Furthermore, it seems also that brings good luck.


Why do lizards enter the house

A question we often ask ourselves when he enters a lizard in home it is because she entered, if there is something that attracted her. It could be insects, it could be food, but actually the simplest answer is that it was the heat inside that pushed her to enter.

The lizards, in fact, I’m some animals in cold blood. This means that their body temperature varies according to that of their surroundings. During the day, for example, they love being in the sun. The evening instead, when it starts to get colder, they seek warm shelters.

Very often, not surprisingly at home we find them near chandeliers and ceiling lights, own because they are attracted by the heat that emits light.


What to do when a lizard enters the house

The first thing to do when a lizard enters the house is avoid losing sight of it or letting it escape in another room. In that case, it could be very difficult to find it. For this, it is necessary close all access routes, such as corridor doors.

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Be careful, however, because lizards are very agile animals, capable of slipping into even the tightest spaces. Very often, for example, they hide right in the door jambs. To avoid this, cover all the any holes with of the cloth or even with gods newspaper sheets.

Then, moved all the furnishings that are found close to the walls. For example, the space between the wall and the sofa could be an excellent hiding place for them. Plus, it’s usually right here that are formed of the small ones cobwebs and could be attracted by the presence of spiders.


How to keep a lizard away

The simplest thing to do to hunt a lizard from home is try to push it towards the exit. A first technique you can try is that of turn off the light and aim it with a flashlight. If you are lucky, the lizard will follow her.

Another method is to use a sheet of newspaper to move the lizard. That way he should get scared and try to escape.

A final solution is that of sprinkle cold water on the lizard. As we said, these reptiles love heat, hence cold water it should annoy her and make her leave.


How to catch a lizard

If you want catch the lizard we warn you that it will not be very easy. Indeed, I’m very fast and it is very difficult to trap them.

Anyway, if you want to try, we advise you to get yourself a box quite great to contain it and try to fit it in there when it is on the wall, so that it has no way out.

Then, you have to to close quickly the box with a cover. Once you have captured the lizard, it would be good not to kill it but set her free.


How to prevent lizards from entering the house

Given that lizards are animals that can slip almost anywhere, there are still some small tricks we can pay attention to to avoid finding them at home.

The first thing to do is seal off any holes that there are between balconies, fixtures, doors and windows. Then, you have to avoid accumulating too much dirt on the outside, also to prevent them from using it as a hiding place.

Finally, is critical A good cleaning periodic, above all to delete any insect, dead or alive, which could attract them.


What to do if you find a lizard in the house: pictures and photos

In the following gallery you can see pictures of lizards and also the most effective methods to get them out of the house. If you are curious, take a look.


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