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If you want to give that extra touch to the windows of your home but you don’t know which curtains go best with the industrial style, you are in the right place at the right time. Find out with us how to make industrial-style DIY curtains.

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To understand how to best proceed, it will be good to first clarify what they are the main features of this style. Born with the recovery and reuse of abandoned spaces that once housed offices, factories and warehouses, it sees the transformation of the same into homes that recall and enhance the beauty of the origins. Exposed beams, pipes and bricks I’m a must for this style with a timeless charm.

Starting from the metropolis, with open spaces that made us dream in American films, to date it has increasingly conquered local realities. Its simple and essential design it combines perfectly with the functionality of the furnishings. THE raw and resistant materials complete the environment with originality. But be careful, designing an environment in this style is not at all simple you could run the risk of creating monotonous and cold spaces.

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He takes care of every environment in the smallest details, from the kitchen to the bedroom, and do not neglect any element. From the choice of coverings to furnishings without forgetting the fabrics that help make your home more welcoming. What are the perfect curtains for this style? Those that reflect the soul: let’s try to make them together.


Do-it-yourself industrial-style curtains: what you need

Like any self-respecting project, your starting point will be the measures: of the window or balcony on which the curtains will be mounted and the fabric with which to make them. Nothing should be left to chance and when it comes to industrial style, materials and recycled spaces, it goes without saying that it is a real philosophy of life that will accompany us on this journey.

What do we need to shape our tents? Meter as a seamstress, needle, wire, scissors, a few pins and a lot of imagination. Better if you have a practical sewing machine: are you ready to go? Let’s choose the right colors and materials together.


Choosing the right colors for the industrial style

Let’s start with the choice of colors: soft and warm. If there is a color that just cannot be missing in an industrial style home, it is the Grey: undisputed protagonist of any environment often flanked by the brightness of the White or to the depth of the black. Another color that accompanies us from room to room is the soft beige or the most romantic old rose, if you want to dare to give more character to an environment then you can do it with a few strokes of a beautiful bright red.

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Remember that the curtains help us to screen the sunlight but at the same time to emphasize what is the surrounding environment, make a 360 ° choice.


The perfect materials

If you have recycled fabrics at home that you can reuse, they will be perfect for our project as long as they dress your windows with elegance and perfection. If you don’t have any you will have to go to the haberdashery and choose the right ones. Raw and natural materials such as linen and cotton they will make your environment unique.


The right procedure to follow

Now we can really get started: we have the right sizes, fabrics and colors to do it. Take scissors, needle and thread and, when cutting, always consider a few more inches for the hems. Remember that the industrial style prefers clean, simple and essential lines that will be repeated on our curtains: without too many frills and flush with the floor.

When you have your tent iron it to perfection and think of a few details to embellish it: how about a nice curtain holder? A fabric cord or rather a metal one to recall the materials of this slightly vintage style will be able to combine originality and practicality in a single move.

Now you just have to hook your tent to the pole: but which? We have a suggestion for that too. Go ahead and read.


How to choose the stick: a do-it-yourself proposal

Try to be original also in the way you hang your curtains and the suggestion that we are happy to offer you substitute to the more classic gods sticks per curtain a hydraulic hose. Take the width of the window and leave a good margin on both the left and right, fix the rod to the wall with a few screws and then slide your curtain into the tube: et voilà the project ends wonderfully.


Do-it-yourself curtains in the industrial style: photos and pictures

Now you have all the elements you needed to create great curtains for your industrial style apartment yourself. How about starting? But first, take a last look at some images that we have added for you in the gallery: let yourself be inspired.


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