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DIY confetti tube: here’s how to make it

At Carnival, make a DIY confetti-shooting tube: kids will love it! In addition to being easy and fun, you will only need some recycled materials that you already have at home. Here’s how to do it.

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There is no Carnival without confetti! The most awaited event of the year by children is always a riot of colors and fun. To celebrate it in a big way, this year you can to achieve a DIY confetti shoot tube, maybe getting help from your children.

Besides being a playful activity and fun to do together, you can stimulate their creativity and take advantage of thisopportunity to teach their the importance of recycling creative. Children will learn how easy it is to transform an object of common use into a completely different and useful object again.

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Then here are the instructions to realize a tube shoot confetti with creative recycling: follow our advice is enjoy a create also gods colorful confetti, to spend a carefree afternoon dedicated to DIY!

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Making a tube shoots confetti do-it-yourself does not require a high execution skill. Indeed, it is a very easy job, which you can propose to your children as an afternoon activity to do together. But since the saying “who gets off to a good start is half the battle” is always valid, let’s start immediately from necessary material:

  • cardboard tubes of various sizes
  • colored cards of any size
  • crepe paper
  • colored adhesive tape or washi tape
  • fogli of newspaper, magazine pages and recycled gift paper
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • round colorful balloons
  • glitter colored (optional)
  • die cutters (optional).

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First of all get yourself one or more rigid cardboard tubes of various sizes, which will be the base of the tube that shoots confetti. You can make smaller versions recycling the cartoons of toilet paper rolls, or of the maxi versions opting for the tubes of the blotting paper from the kitchen or those of tinfoil. The bigger the tube, the more confetti it will be able to hold.

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Once you have found the right size cardboard tube, choose a balloon round colored e tie the neck with a tight knot. Cut the back of the balloon, keeping the side of the neck knotted. In this way you will have created a sort of sling that will be fixed on the end of the tube.

Now insert the cardboard tube inside opening of the balloon, trying to adapt it to the diameter of the hole. Make sure that on the back there rubber be well stretched. At this point you just have to fix the two elements with several turns of masking tape or washi tape.


Now is the time to decorate the tube shoot confetti however you like! can make fringes by cutting small vertical strips on a rectangle crepe paper, with a length equal to the diameter of the pipe. But you can too decorate it in a manner more fast, completely covering it with wrapping paper colorful, embellished with streamers and glitter.

If you have a good dose of creativity combined with some manual dexterity, could even think of paint it by hand, creating a customized Carnival tube, certainly very original. How about making one with pictures of the characters masks more loved than tradition?

For example, if you opt for the mask of Harlequin, you could paint the whole tube with yellow gouache. Once dry, you will be able paste many neighbors rhombuses of colored cardboard to realize the its famous colorful dress. In short, as far as decorations are concerned, you really have free rein: you just have to unleash your imagination!

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After having decorated the tube there is nothing else to do but fill it with confetti colored, ready to be “fired” at the right time. To make it rain a shower of confetti and streamers, it will be enough tilt the tube slightly forward and pull back on node of the balloon fixed at the end.

But beware: to win a battle with a confetti tube, you will need to have plenty of them available. Read on to find out how to DIY them and have your inexhaustible supply of colorful confetti!

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DIY confetti

The confetti tube is ready, but in order to function properly you will need a huge amount of colored confetti to keep for the occasion. If you have a die-cutter you can entrust this task to children, otherwise it is advisable that you take care of it yourself, using common cutting scissors.

To make confetti can use any type of card, including i newspaper sheets or the pages of magazines. You can also opt for cardboard, but keep in mind that the paper confetti are lighter, and thanks to them the “rain” effect will be ensured.

Cut out many Stripes of small size from a large sheet of newspaper e stack them one on the other. Keep it going cropping many little ones squares or gods circles. If you want to make confetti with more original shapes, use a die cutter. Then keep your stash of confetti in plastic bags, ready for use.


DIY confetti shoot tube: pictures and photos

Making a confetti-shooting tube is very easy! Browse all the images in the gallery and review the process before you get to work. Have fun!


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