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The pine cones are a perfect element to create Christmas decorations, just embellish them by adding bows, glitter, buttons, details capable of making the difference. Practical and original ideas to create Christmas decorations perfect for decorating the tree, the front door but also the living room, in short, suitable for the whole house.


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The pine cones I’m the protagonists undisputed of today’s article, because thanks to them we will help you to make magical Christmas decorations with your own hands. The pine cone is typical of the cold period, but above all it is one of the essential elements of Christmas.

Just think of the Christmas tree, pine cones and berries suddenly come to mind, after all they are a perfect combo. Today, we will help you transform simple pine cones in a Christmas decoration to all intents and purposes, it is enough to have a few elements available.


We will be able to create tailor-made clothes at pine cones allowing them to take on a new identity, they will dress in magic is they will be able to instill the Christmas spirit to your home.

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We will go to analyze several ideas, all practical and simple to be made, you will only have to choose the one that best suits you and then make it. You just have to read!


Glitter pine cones

The first decoration that you can create with pine cones, is perhaps also the easiest to make, because there is no need for great dexterity, on the contrary it is such a simple procedure that it is also perfect to carry out in the company of children. To begin you have to prepare the essential then:

  • pine cones
  • glue
  • glitter colored
  • tape colored.


After finding e placed on a table all you need to start decorating the pine cones. The ideal is prepare a basin and fill it with glue, after having done this you have to dip the pine cones in order to fill all the spaces, it is also possible to use a brush.

One time once this is done, take some glitter colored and sprinkle them on the pine cones, paying attention, so such to make them colorful and bright. Once dry you have to take some tape is create a bow, this will allow you to hang the glitter pinecones on the tree.


Balls with pine cones

Another very nice idea is the take some pine cones is some plastic balls, the typical ones for making decoupage works and create truly original tree balls. All you have to do is take these balls, open them, place is glue a pine cone inside, finally close everything.

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Adding a red ribbon, embellished with a small sprig of holly will make the Christmas baubles perfect for decorating a traditional Christmas tree.


Garland with pine cones and bows

During the Christmas holidays, is inevitable to decorate the house or the front door a wreath. You don’t need to buy one, it is possible to make it with pine cones.

You have to have it available:

  • pine cones
  • wire of rope
  • balls in plastic
  • leaves of holly.


To begin you have to take the thread of rope and begin to glue the pine cones, alternating from time to time the above with the balls. This will allow you to create a homogeneous, Christmas wreath, so much so that everyone will ask you where you bought it. After gluing everything you just have to add some holly leaves with berries, doing so your wreath will be ready to hang at the entrance and welcome all guests by instilling Christmas spirit.


Christmas tree with pine cones

If by chance the traditional Christmas tree has bored you, but you don’t want to put your hand to your wallet, can think about make a beautiful tree decorative using pine cones.

To create it you must have available:

  • a jar
  • of the pine cones
  • glue.


The first thing to do is the take the vase is fill it with sand. This is done begin jobs creating the base of the tree, to do it you need to glue some pine cones one to the other and create a kind of flat tray.

After, need glue this base over the vase and continue creating the tree until you reach the desired shape. Once dry you have to decorate it as you like, maybe adding balls and lights colored LED lights, it will certainly be an original and splendid decoration to be placed in the living room but also at the entrance.


Centerpiece with pine cones

In addition to the Christmas tree, it is possible to make a beautiful centerpiece, perfect for decorating the table on Christmas day. We need to get some pine cones is create a base by gluing them together.

After having created a sort of tray you can add some scented candles, perhaps with cinnamon, with ginger is to add of holly twigs. In this way the centerpiece will be Christmas and elegant, perfect for embellishing the dining room.


DIY Christmas decorations with pine cones: pictures and photos

We wrote this article to help you create with yours hands of splendid Christmas decorations using the art of DIY and pine cones. We have described you several ideas, one more beautiful than the other, I love you described the procedure and materials, to allow you to easily recreate these original decorations. We also created one fantastic image gallery, you just have to browse this gallery of images to find other amazing ones ideas to be copied.


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