10 creative recovery ideas

Do you have an old stool and would you like to transform it into a unique object with a completely new design? With creative recycling you can recover one or more unused stools and give them new life, transforming them in a low-cost way into handcrafted furnishings, ideal for embellishing any room in the house. If you don’t know how to do it, we suggest it: here are 10 creative ideas to recycle an old stool.

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kitchen-with-red-stoolsIf in the past DIY was considered a hobby for a few, today a large number of people prefer it furnish your home with recycled furniture, contributing to spread choosing one more sustainable lifestyle and environmentally friendly.

Creative recycling is one way truly unique to revive broken or abandoned objects, which have finished their cycle of use and are just waiting to end up in landfills.

With the art of DIY, however, it is possible to transform any object into something completely different; the beauty is that it is an economic and fun activity, where there is only one rule, that of being creative!

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In this article we suggest 10 creative ideas recovery, to recycle an old stool and create unique furnishings, perfect in any room of the house.

1. Smoking table

ideas-for-recycling-stool (4)

To realize a fantastic coffee table for the living room you need only of a stool and a suitcase rigid for the table top.

Then, if you want your coffee table to become the highlight of the furniture, paint it in a fluorescent color: it certainly won’t go unnoticed!

2. Entrance console

how-to-recycle-stool (3)The entrance is the business card of the house and it is important to enhance it with furnishings that immediately express the style of furniture and your personality. Among the pieces of furniture that cannot be missing in this transit area, there is certainly the entrance console, often embellished with a large mirror on the wall.

With two stools and a rectangular wooden table you can create a truly unique console to embellish the entrance to the house or even the living room.

L’important is use two stools equal, having the same dimensions, to have a stable support structure, to be fixed with nails at the ends of the wooden board.

3. Cabinet under the sink


The structure of some washbasins very often does not allow the insertion of a cabinet under the sink, essential furniture for storing towels or personal hygiene products.

If even in your bathroom you have difficulty in finding a cabinet under the sink due to lack of space, or because of the underlying column, you can make it by using a low stool which will take up very little space and will be perfect for storing towels or the stock of toilet paper.

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4. Umbrella stand

ideas-for-recycling-stool (2)

We’re sure this idea will really blow everyone away – have you ever thought that one stool could transform in a practical umbrella stand?

Just flip it over to immediately create a useful accessory to hold all the maxi umbrellas, without losing sight of even one.

Customize it however you like: can choose to paint it with a colored paint, or make a weave elaborate with a rope or with colored plastic threads, to close the open spaces of the legs.

Or, again, you can choose to to tie to the legs of the stool a fabric bag waterproof for handbag umbrellas.

5. Ice bucket


Practical and revolutionary: the stool carries ice it is essential to keep drinks cool, during a party or dinner with many guests.

To make it happen you need a galvanized bucket, large, and a stool as a basis, upon which you will go to fix the bucket with a putty suitable, resistant to moisture.

6. Wall-mounted vase holder

recycle-stool (8)

If you have little space to embellish the balcony with plants as a vase, it uses the walls instead of placing them on the floor, limiting the walkable surface. Hang up a small stool on the wall and use it as a shelf for your pot plants: the effect will be amazing!

7. Towel holder

recycle-stool (9)

A great idea for decorating a small bathroom: make a comfortable towel holder with the back of one stool or an old chair.

Turn it over, fixing it to the wall with L-hooks that will adequately support the weight of the structure. The backrest strips will be a perfect support surface for hanging towels and toilet accessories.

8. Work desk


If you have two identical stools you can recycle them creating a work desk, a practical and space-saving piece of furniture perfect in any corner of the house. The stools will constitute the basic structure, on which to place a wooden board, also recovered, made with a platform of pallets.

In wood, metal or PVC, the important thing is that the stools are high enough to allow you to sit comfortably on your work surface. Consider always that the minimum distance to be comfortable it will have to be approx 25-35 cm between yours chair and worktop.

9. Bedside table

bedside table-stool

A stool it lends itself particularly to being reused as an alternative bedside table. If there is also a footrest you can use the wooden pegs to create a lower shelf, very useful for storing everything you need.

You can make your own shelf weaving a rope at the ends of the pegs, to be fixed with hot glue. Alternatively, use a wooden plank the right size, placing it directly on both ends.

10. Dressing table

recycle-stool (10)

In the bedroom, in the bathroom, wherever you need it: with a low stool you can make a dressing table, to which to attach a practice carrying case suitable for containing all beauty accessories. In addition, this idea can also become a fantastic game surprise for girls!

Recycle stool: pictures and photos

In this gallery we have included all the most creative ideas to recover an old stool and create fantastic furnishings suitable for any room in the house: let yourself be inspired!


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